Mon, May 31, 200411:12 AMKevin finally has everything planted -there were a LOT of “Duck Days” this month so he couldn’t get into the fields many times. But it’s all in now waiting to gestate (or germinate depending on how correct you want to be 🙂 )

I went down to my parents for Memorial Day. My grandparents and aunt Barb were there as well as Cory and Bekki. Barb, who was an OB nurse is positive that we are having twins because I so resemble (as Grandpa says) someone who swallowed a watermelon seed. We’ll find out next week I guess because we have to have another ultrasound. Gayle doesn’t think it’s twins, but sometimes it feels like there are several babies in there “wrassling”. I guess he/she is being very vigorous with the feet, knees, elbows, hands and head if there is only one baby.

We played a rousing game of Scattergories which involved the dictionary and several encyclopedias. We like to be very accurate in our game playing!

We went to the Memorial Day service at the cemetary. They honored all of the local WWII vets to go along w/ the memorial that just went up in Washington DC. Better late than never I guess, but 60+ years seems a little excessive to wait for your own memorial. Beauracracy at its best.

Kevin joined us later in the day (just in time for lunch –coincidence??–)which was great because we had had a tussle right before I left. I hate it when we fight. We went for a nice walk & just hung out and relaxed.

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Thu, May 27, 200411:00 AMI still haven’t settled into a routine. Being at home is completely different than having your life dictated by bells every 50 minutes. I’m going to have to get a lot better at managing my time. I have cleaned a lot- it’s not easy scraping 4 months of grime off of everything :)- and I have been doing other tasks around the house, like painting a bookshelf we bought at a garage sale for $10. What a bargain! It is now adorable white, with lilac background and sage trim.

I’ve also been working our Reliv business. The nutrition offered has helped me so much to be healthier than I have ever been in my life, that I want to give the people I care about the same thing.

We missed our last three Bradley classes. Luckily, I learn better from reading than from listening anyway. We have a lot of good resources, one of which is “Husband Coached Childbirth” which I highly recommend. As it turns out, we have to hire another doula, because Dollie is moving to AL before our birth. I think that it will all work out for the best, God is in control of it all so I know that he knows what he is doing.

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Sun, May 23, 200410:55 AMUT’s graduation- It was great to see so many of my students step into adulthood. The gym was so hot I felt faint. I have a whole new appreciation for how my sister felt last year at my brother’s outdoor graduation when she was a month farther along than I am!

Last night we had a home group reunion with the group we used to attend. It was great to see everyone. One couple whom we haven’t seen in a while brought their 8 month old little girl with them. She was born at 27 weeks- about as far along as I am now! I couldn’t imagine our baby coming now! She was only about 2 pounds, but is doing wonderfully now (as is her mom who was also pretty sick). What a miracle!

Friday Dee and I went out to lunch and to the Family Christian Bookstore. I found a book by Kevin Lehman that I just loved – I think it was called “First Time Moms”. Dr. Lehman is one of my favorite Christians and he is a psychologist as well. I didn’t buy it then, but I bet it would be a great one to have on hand.

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Thu, May 20, 200410:51 AMYesterday I helped set up and serve for the Retirement Tea. I guess the end of this year is bittersweet for more than just me. It was a great way to see almost everyone all at once- and not in a faculty meeting :).

Today my co-workers held a shower for me. It turned out to be one of the busiest days of the year so I was pleased and honored at the number of people who made a concerted effort to attend.
Dee, Mia and Tina did a fan-tabulous job of hosting and of making me feel so special. I’ll put some pictures up if I ever get this roll of film used up! I can’t wait until we get our digital camera & new computer!

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Tue, May 18, 200410:47 AMSchool is rapidly drawing to a close. I let the students bring in food and treats & I made them cupcakes! We played games and I was looking forward to a festive and fun last day. I was rather disappointed and frustrated because they were no where near as appreciative as I thought they should have been- one kid even stole another student’s cookies, ate them all and lied to me about it (yes, they are high schoolers as incredible as that is to believe sometimes!) I guess I had a lot of other emotions wrapped up in the last day as well that they had nothing to do with, but all in all it was ok.

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Fri, May 14, 200412:37 PMGood morning! It’s another great day to be a duck. My classroom overlooks a courtyard in which a momma Mallard is raising her 13 ducklets to adulthood. They are so cute & the students always come in & ask “where are the ducks?” They of course all follow their mother & in their line, when she stops, they all run into each other. It’s like in a cartoon.

I got up REALLY early this a.m. I have been having trouble falling back asleep once I get up to go to the restroom. Since I was awake anyway I went with Kevin on his paper route. We stopped in to visit this adorable little old lady who is on Kevin’s route. She had sent us a “Congratulations on expecting card” so I wanted to meet her. Can you imagine sending your paper boy a baby card? That is so sweet! I could barely remember to tip mine at Christmas time when I had a paper boy. She is the epitome of spry- living alone and up before the crack of dawn. I want to be just like Evelyn when I grow older.

When I got home last night, Kevin met me at the door. He told me that we had a small problem & I had to close my eyes going into the kitchen. He’s been tearing out cabinets and painting & replacing linoleum to make room for our new dishwasher we are buying –ostensibly for Mother’s Day (but also because Kevin hates doing dishes as much as I do). So I figured that somewhere along the way we had sprung a leak or something. I was only mildly concerned because one thing about my dear husband, he can fix anything. How wrong I was!

Instead of a small problem- he got us a new range!! It’s beautiful! Keep in mind our old stove was so old- it was brown, the lights didn’t work. The temperature was between 60-70 degrees off so we had to make a mark with a permanent marker to indicate the right approximate place to turn the dial. Plus on the stove top, there weren’t any markings about which burner goes to which dial, so I was forever turning on the wrong burner and burning holes in our burner covers, so we drew with a marker a diagram for each one (classy, I know!—I also put scotch tape by each light switch with the name for each light because I could never remember which switch went where!) Plus because the stove was so old, it was permanently dirty. NOW, we have a light, storage under the oven, it’s CLEAN, it’s a flat top cook surface. I’m SO excited!! What a good husband I have! (of course, he has the ulterior motive that I”m going to make him delicious homecooked meals now… which remains to be seen ) Did I mention I’m so excited? I just had to brag on my DH a bit.

The taquito (the baby) is moving around a lot. We can even play a game with it, where if we tap on my tummy, it bops us back! It can see light too, but I don’t have any proof of that. I bet it’s like if you look at a flashlight through your hand.

Only 2 days after today of school! My students are throwing me a surprise baby shower after school today- Of course I’m not supposed to know, but they aren’t as sly as they think they are . Today they all got their yearbooks so I am allowing them some time to sign those & look at them. Then Monday and Tuesday we will collect books and do some review games and then, and then (sniff, sniff, sob) I’ll be pretty much done teaching! I’ll still have finals to give to about 1/4 of my students, and I’ll be teaching a 2 week summer school course, but it’s about over!

Recommended reading: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

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Wed, May 12, 200411:50 AMWe had a midwife appointment yesterday. I’ve gained 6 more pounds, bringing the grand total to 17 pounds. My BP is “perfect” and our little nubbin has a strong heartbeat of about 160.

Tia Leah and Cora came with us to the appt. so Gayle could meet her, since Leah will be at the birth- if all goes according plan. Then we went to Target for a stroller and then to Duck Creek (where we saw a momma and daddy Mallard Duck with their adorable brood of 8 & a few unattached ducks) for a nice walk. Cora slept through her inaugeral ride in her new stroller, so I guess it won’t go in her book of important memories.

Then I got home for about a 1/2 hour (luckily Daddy grilled burgers for us- he’s so awesome; I love him so much) before we had to leave again to go to our Marriage Mentoring appointment. It’s exciting to think about the growth we’ve seen in our marriage and in each other in the last year and a half. We are getting closer to each other and to God with each passing day, which is SO awesome!

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Sun, May 9, 200412:27 AMExpecting a baby is such a beautiful feeling… such a fresh new awareness of the beauty of life, the joy of anticipation.

Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother’s day gift is a dishwasher! How excited am I?!! It should be here next week sometime. This will be the first time I’ve had a dishwasher for 11 years (since I left home!)

We went to Mo’ Brady’s with the folks for dinner- pretty good food. Joyce gave me a book called “Belly Laughs”, about being pg that looks pretty funny.

It was a pretty quiet weekend around the H= House, which was a good thing! I need a rest- I’ve been finding it’s easy to overexert myself.

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Wed, May 5, 200410:58 AMThen I got sick. What’s worse than feeling crummy and not being able to breathe? Feeling crummy and not being able to breathe and being 6 months pregnant. I missed two days of school- not that I minded not going to work, but I didn’t like not feeling well. The child and I spent some quality time in the recliner.

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