Mon, Jun 28, 20043:49 PMI haven’t been up to too much- other than rapidly outgrowing my maternity clothes! So besides forming a couple of million cells each day, I’m taking it pretty easy.

Our baby can now see in the womb- I’m not too sure she has a “womb with a view” however. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are completed and her arms and legs are now proportioned with her head. She can dream- maybe about more strawberry shortcake?- and she sleeps and wakes with regular intervals. She is also getting fatter and fatter- She weighs in at about 4 pounds- so this other 21 pounds I’ve gained is all blood, amniotic fluid and placenta, right? RIGHT??

I’m having weird dreams- for instance the other night I dreamed that we wanted to look at her so badly that we cut out a “pocket”, pulled her out & started to gaze at her fertively looking around the whole time because we knew she wasn’t “done” yet, & didn’t want to get in trouble. Then when she started to get fussy, we slid her back in & my skin closed up like in a Terminator movie!

We had a wonderful shower given to us by dear friends yesterday. We played “Baby Scattergories” which was absolutely hilarious, and then “Baby Memory”. You had to make matches, like “first steps” & find where on the game board the other “first steps” was. If you made a match, you got a ‘related’ candy bar- like if you matched the two “first steps”, you got a tootsie roll for baby’s tootsies. If you matched “first laugh” it was a snickers, for the laughter. If you matched “grandparents”, you got lifesavers- ‘cuz they are. It was such a clever game! Our homegroup and family were almost all there, so it was a winsome combination and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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Wed, Jun 23, 20048:59 AMIt is hard to believe that June is almost over! We have been keeping busy. In case I never officially filled you in, I have partial placenta previa which means that the placenta is partially covering the cervix & I could have to have a C-section- I could bleed too so we have to stay within an hours radius of the hospital. I don’t have to be on bedrest, but that could change if I have any bleeding. God is good and in control, so I am not too worried about it, we just have keep my activity on the low side, which is a challenge for me because I prefer to be an on the go person. I did take a nap yesterday :P, so I guess I can just chill if I need to. We had to get a new midwife & switch hospitals so now we’ll deliver at Trinity 7th St. So that is the major news! We’ll be happy with our new care providers but are still disappointed that we can’t go with our first choice.

I’m teaching summer school in the mornings, it’s really easy & fun, Spanish to incoming freshmen, pass/fail, no HW, SMALL classes.

I’m certainly glad we went to K.C. when we did! Who knew that would be our last trip? I can’t even visit my parents because that is more than an hour away. 🙁 We had a nice time. We had a business training & then we stayed in a nice little B&B. We didn’t do much, but we did visit the huge Cabela’s that they have down there- K loves to look at outdoor stuff.

We have a baby shower this weekend & my family is coming into town for it & then the following weekend I have friends coming from CO & TN & am really looking forward to that- they are giving me another shower! This child is going to have TOO much stuff! I guess she can just share w/ her younger bros & sisses when they come along.

I’ve gained 25 pounds now! Holy cow batman!

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Mon, Jun 7, 200411:36 AMI have been busy all morning updating this website, finishing up thank you’s, (I don’t know what the etiquette is, but I doubt I have a year like you do with wedding presents) catching up on my correspondence, and I still haven’t done my pilates! I have to go to school today and sign my contract so that will take the rest of the afternoon since it is SO far.

We finally have summer weather! It is in the 80’s once again. I love it, although I do get hotter than usual.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday so we went home to join him for yummy rhubarb-strawberry pie. We also went to a mini air show at the tiny airport. I learned a lot more about WWII. They truly are the “Greatest Generation”, which is a book I recommend by the way.

My dad is raising money for the fight against cancer by promising his beard and ponytail if we can raise $1250 by Saturday. He only has $250 to go! I’m quite thrilled because I have never seen him without the beard! Nor have I seen him with a buzz cut, so this should be interesting.

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Thu, Jun 3, 200411:29 AMWHAT A TERRIFIC DAY! We are having a daughter!!

She is adorably perfect, and no longer resembles the little skeletoid she once did. She is incredibly active said Marla, the ultrasound tech, which believe me, comes as no surprise! They didn’t have any regular photo paper so we had print the pictures on xray paper, so alas I have not pics to post. You’ll just have to take our word for it that she is as precious as can be and this is the best gift that God could ever give us!

My parents were up for the event and so we also arranged to tour the birth center at the hospital. They were indubitably impressed. We had a long chat with one of the nurses there, and I feel doubly comfortable and excited to be birthing there.

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Tue, Jun 1, 200411:25 AMWe had an appointment with Gayle today. Everything looks spectacular. I need to go in for the gestational diabetes screening this week. The baby’s heartbeat is a healthy 160 and I could definately hear it with the fetalscope this time. My BP is fine, and my fundus measures exactly 27 1/2 cm and Gayle said “Could you be any more perfect?” So now I know to ignore the fact that I have outgrown all the clothes loaned to me and all the “You are HUGE!” comments.

We scheduled our ultrasound for Thursday and Kevin has decided that we can find out if we are having a boy or a girl (or maybe both?!). YAY!!!!

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