Tue, Jul 27, 20044:12 PMThe birth story:

I went into our midwife’s for a routine prenatal visit at 4:00 pm. She immediately was concerned because I was suddenly exhibiting several signs of severe pre-eclampsia, the only cure for which is to deliver the baby.

She told me to call Kevin and then to go over to the Birth Place, where they admitted me. They hooked me up to an IV and started Magnesium Sulfate, which is supposed to prevent seizures and my going into shock. Rita and the doctors decided to start the induction process. That evening they gave me Cervadil, which is supposed to ripen and soften the cervix. It didn’t really work. The next morning they started Pitocin, which is supposed to start contractions, dilation and officially bring on labor. It didn’t really work. I was continually getting sicker and sicker. By that evening, more than 24 hours later, my condition had seriously worsened and labor hadn’t even started. We decided that the best way for Aviana to meet the world is via Cesarean.

This entire process was orchestrated by God’s hand. We found out that if I had dilated at all and they had broken the waters, as planned, Aviana’s placenta was such that she would have hemmoraged and died within minutes! Additionally, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.

“He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close His heart.” -Isaiah 40:11

Praise God! Thank you for your continual prayers.

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Mon, Jul 26, 200412:30 PMWe were finally allowed to leave the hospital! We got home and Grandma Joyce had prepared for us the best lunch ever! We ate and took a nap and Aviana ate several more times and took several more naps. She is our little “preciosa”.

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Wed, Jul 14, 20045:54 AMSo another morning where I am up before 4!! This time it was because Kevin elbowed me in the head & then I couldn’t get back to sleep. He is a pretty sound sleeper, but he woke up enough to love on me and cuddle me after “wounding” me before he fell back asleep.

Saturday we had two birthday parties for one year olds. I guess that is something we will be having to get used to. 🙂 At Cora’s party, Mom gave me a bag of maternity clothes. She felt sorry for me because every time she’s seen me I look like I am outgrowing my clothes! My baby just sticks out SO far in front of me!

I’m in the 34th week right now. I don’t get this pregnancy math. The first month is actually 6 weeks because you have to count when you are not actually pg because they count from when you started your last cycle. That I sorta get. But then they say that 34 weeks is the last week of month 8 and then I’ll be in month 9 for 6 weeks!! Isn’t it bad enough that you have to be 9 months pregnant at all, but to be in your 9th month for 6 weeks!?!?!?! That just seems MEAN!

Pretty quiet week so far-

Sun we had Kevin’s Holst picnic that is inside & not at all a picnic, but they still call it that. There were 4 of us pg there. His cousin Beth is due around the same time we are so it’s interesting to hear how things are going for her. She can still wear her wedding rings! Pout pout!

Monday I cleaned pretty much all day- scrubbed the floors on hands & knees & today you can’t really even tell. I don’t imagine I’ll be doing THAT very many more times in this house.

Yesterday we mailed our invites to my non-birthday party & decided on stain for the dressers we are having refinished. The cost is considerably more than I thought it would be, but it will be worth it to have our grandmother’s dressers looking like new & totally usable- The lady we hired even finishes the inside of the drawers!! She fixed too the drawers & we ordered new vintage handles. When she saw how big I’m getting she said that she better get a move on (as she knew that we’d be using the low one for the baby).

We really liked the pediatrician, and the office that we met w/ last night- Dr. Majid O===r- he’s from Kuwait- so I think we are going to go w/ him.

Then we ate a Rudy’s Tacos & went to see Spiderman 2. Peter Parker is pretty pathetic- I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did the previous. I guess I want more action & less angst.

We are praying prayers from Supernatural Childbirth for a pain free, fast delivery. We just want time to get to the hospital. So if you want to stand in agreement with us on that & pray for that too, that would be wonderful.

Today my big plan is to scrap, hopefully get in a nap, go to the chiro, and get my last two rolls of film developed. I’m so glad we are on summer vacation!

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Thu, Jul 8, 200410:54 AMWe had a fun shower last night. It was a cook out & unbelieveably chilly! It was only in the 60’s! Hard to believe it is July! We had a lot of our friends there & we got a lot of nice things. People’s generosity amazes me. So we are about as ready for this baby to come as we will ever be. All the diapers are washed & ready to go. She sort of has a place to sleep. We have some outfits for her. She has two loving parents with eager open arms and a family who can’t wait to meet her… what more could a little girl want?

God sends children to enlarge our hearts and to make us unselfish and full of kindly sympathies and affections. – Mary Howitt

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Tue, Jul 6, 20044:26 PMGREAT NEWS!! We just had another ultrasound- the radiologist still has to read it, but the way things look now is that I just have marginal placenta previa & can be treated like a NORMAL- ie not any kind of risk- patient!! Rita, our new midwife, even told us that she is not worried at all. Thank you for all your prayers! Isn’t God amazing? He didn’t have to change anything, but He chose to. They also told us that we have a long legged baby- maybe she’ll be a model/basketball player.

Thank you, God, for your faithfulness. Thank you for your saving grace. Thank you for our little girl. Thank you for answering prayers- whether you answer them like I think you should or not, I know you always do what is best for me and I thank you for that. You are an almighty, omnipotent God & I thank you most of all for loving us- more than we can ever reasonably understand.

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Mon, Jul 5, 200410:22 PMHappy Birthday, Daddy!

We had a fun night tonight- just went over to some friend’s for pizza and ice cream and cake. We got our new computer for Kevin’s birthday- which he of course loves.

We had a great weekend as well. Our friends Stef, from CO & Jenny, from TN were both back to visit, so we did a lot of eating out and we went to two fireworks displays.

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