A Psalm for Marriage

by: Marjorie Holmes

May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the spouse of your youth. Proverbs 5:18

I am married, I am married, and my heart is glad. I will give thanks unto the Lord for the love and protection of my husband. I will give thanks for the blessed protection and satisfaction of my home. I will give thanks that I have someone of my own to help and comfort and even to worry about, someone to encourage and to love.

My husband is beside me wherever I need to go. My husband is behind me supporting me in whatever I need to do. I need not face the world alone. I need not face my family alone.

I need face only myself and my God alone. And this is good. This is very good.

Whatever our differences, whatever our trials, I will give thanks unto the Lord for my husband and my marriage.

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If you have any advice, please dispense it…

It seems like Miss A is need of a later naptime, because she never (as of the past month or so) falls asleep right away in her crib. Case in point, she’s been in there talking for an hour and 1/2 now. I, on the other hand, hit a HUGE afternoon lull (and am generally ready for a nap) right after lunch. And I need the break by one, after being with my sweeties since seven, and getting interrupted sleep at night, and I won’t be getting good naps anymore anyway as Brielle seems to be on a nursing, not napping craze in the afternoons… So what do I do? Not put her down until 2 or 2:30 and be tired(-er) and weepy(-er)/grumpy(-er), myself, or keep letting her spend 4 hours (or so)an afternoon in her crib? She still needs the nap, as evidenced by the fact that she sleeps for two hours when she finally falls asleep.

What to do? What to do? I don’t know — do you?

I tend to get a little Dr. Suessy when tired. And I AM tired.

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My Girls

It’s been kind of a tough morning… I still need to be taking Motrin for my nether lands –a soreness so unique & exquisite, it’s pretty much indescribable; my recomemndation: don’t get an hour’s worth of stitches after you give birth–in fact, don’t rip, tear or be cut in any way. Anyway, I have been so busy today I forgot to take it until lunch, and of course by then, I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand still. Brielle has been either crying or nursing all day with little catnaps here and there. I plannned for a friend with a son the same age as Aviana to come over this morning to entertain her, and while she brought yummy muffins and brownies, I was plumb tuckered out by the time they left. It’s funny, I’m having a good time & don’t want to quit, but then when the activity is over I feel like I could keel over dead. Aviana has been wonderful, but she is a high energy TWO. She’s been in her bed talking to herself for the last hour, and I can’t relax and go to sleep while she is awake, not to mention my FIL picks now to mow our lawn. Grateful for the lawn care, but at naptime? Not so much.

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Getting out the door

is a whole new challenge! Brielle had a doctor’s appt today, so I took Aviana over to a friend’s for a play date. She immensely enjoyed the company and playing play-doh and with Mrs. Potato Head. The plan was to get her there by 9 or 9:30—I managed to drop her off around 10.

Then I was going to pick up some Happy Birthday cupcakes at the bakery & take them to my cousin’s dorm. There was construction and other nuisances around the store, and they didn’t have any Happy Birthday cupcakes, though the baker was kind enough to stick some Happy Birthday picks in plain chocolate cupcakes with white frosting- which wasn’t really what I wanted, but Amelia said they were delicious, which is what matters. I got the total runaround parking & getting into her dorm too–I had to park three blocks away, because the visitor’s parking was full. OF OUT OF COUNTY Cars. Hmmm… could the students be ganking the visitor’s spots? Oh, and did I mention it was raining this whole time? Because it was. So I got to the nearest door, only to then notice it was an out only door. But lo, a nice student returning from class unlocked it for me. I got up to Amelia’s floor & that door was locked. I asked another kid (how old am I, calling college students kids?) if he could unlock it for me, but alas, he could only unlock 4th & 5th floors. But wait, he had a friend who lives on that floor, he called her, only to find out her phone was shut off. It’s good to know the students are all safe in their dorms, and no young mom toting a baby or ax murderers can get in. So Brielle, the cupcakes, a birthday card, an extra diaper and wipes, and I, trekked back down and around the building to the front door. Then as it turned out, Amelia wasn’t even there, although she didn’t have class for another 1/2 hour, which I knew for a fact as I had slyly asked her the day before her schedule. Everything is quite the adventure for me.

Next we went to the store to purchase king sized sheets and a mattress pad for our new bed. Brielle promptly decided she needed to nurse, and luckily she is still small enough I can carry her around whilst doing so. It does make finding the highest quality sheets for the lowest price that much more of a challenge however.

At the doctor’s she nursed no less than three more times, so it’s no wonder to me to find out she weighs 9 pounds now and is 21 inches long. That’s up 2 pounds and an inch and a half from birth. At this rate she’ll be 59 pounds and 4 feet 8 inches by her first birthday . Ya think she’ll slow down some?

I then went to pick up Aviana and we met up with Kevin at Grinders for some yummy pasta, meatball sandwiches and cinammon bread. A went with him to Sam’s and I took Brielle to Joyce’s (MIL) store so she could show her off to her co-workers.

Then it was naptime. I was pretty much good for nothing the rest of the day.

Note to all moms: if you ever are feeling like your kids are bratty and out of control, just tune into Supernanny, and you’ll feel much better!

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I have been nursing Brielle going on a half hour, for the fourth consecutive session with about 10 minute breaks in between, listening to Toddler Tunes for the second time (now playing Row Your Boat), searching for a Baby Blues treasury to buy, discussing the birthday party we’re attending this afternoon (Aviana says “Belle wear party hat, you wear party hat, sing birt-ay song”), and looking at a living room strewn with no fewer than 7 books, 5 strands of beads, 3 blankets, 2 teddy bears, a spray bottle, a water bottle, a fly swatter, a measuring tape, and a Boppy. Neither Aviana or myself is dressed yet, although Brielle got a new onesie since she pooed on the other one.

Kevin and I started a project of moving a bookshelf upstairs and the toybox downstairs, so in the girls’ room there are about 12 stacks of books waiting to be toted upstairs. He was outside making chicken feed, but now he has to haul someone’s hay to them. This afternoon he’s driving about 2 1/2 hours to pick up the KING SIZED mattress and box spring on which we got an incredible deal.

Brielle has now fallen asleep, so I am going to try to put her down, heat up something for lunch, and carry some books before I need to get Miss A down for a nap.

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