**Brielle has signed more several times.**

**Brielle signed all done accompanied by a verbal “ah da”**

**Brielle is standing for a minute or so at a time, but every time I get out the camera, she lunges toward me and is no longer vertical.**

**Brielle is nodding with her head and pretty much the whole top of her torso. Mostly she does it just to get an always enthusiastic response from her Giants, but the other night, Kevin said to her, “Aren’t you going to go to sleep?” No response. “Or do you just want to stay up and play?” Delighted laughter and giant sized nods.**

**At story hour, Miss Carol did a sheep theme. When she asked what lambs say, of course all the children chorused “Baa-aa-aa-aa!” Brielle chimed in with her adorably funny cackle, which sounds rather like a lamb’s bleating at just the right time. The other mothers thought she was incredibly brilliant. As do I.**

**Aviana woke up from her nap on the wrong side of cheerful. I asked her why she was fussing and she said, “I don’t remember!”**

**Still unhappy, I was making suggestions to her hoping to distract her from the grumpiness. “Do you want to listen to some positive encouraging K-LOVE?” Her response a whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Would you like to help me scan something?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Would you like a cookie?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Should we go upstairs and stamp?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
I was running out of real ideas, so just started goofing off and throwing out silly wringers.
“Do you want to run around naked?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Shall we jump up and down screaming?” Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“Should we fly to the moon? “Whiney, surly “Noooo”
“I dist don’t want to do any of dose fun fings!!”**

**During quiet time play time, Aviana changed her entire outfit. She added an extra pair of bundies, and had her shirt on backward, but still, pretty keen for a two year old. Much later, she went to the bathroom and hollered at me with much concern: “Mama! I have on two pairs of bundies!”

She couldn’t figure out what had happened, poor thing!**

**I was suddenly struck with a crushing migraine, so I took my medicine, trucked the chickies upstairs, put in a movie, and darkened the room and lay down. My sweetheart spoke in a whisper for over an hour, warmed up my herbal pack in the microwave for me, covered me with a blanket, offered me drinks of water (before Brielle spilled it all over the floor), and gave me her dolly to ‘nuggle.

I was overwhelmed with the sweetness, the consideration, the compassion. I also felt so sad that my two year old felt compelled to take care of me, The Mama.**

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Friday Five or Fewer

I found this good set of random questions over at Grace & Hope; what a handy way to do my Friday Five!
If you could have your children remember one thing about you, what would it be and why? I want them to remember that I was creative and fun, consistently making time to play and enjoy them.
If you could fulfill one life-long dream, what would it be? I want to write and publish a book, or several, make a fortune from them and buy my own island. (Just a small one, not like, New Zealand or anything.)
What is your best quality? Oh *tosses hair haughtily* I have so many wonderful qualities, how could I possibly narrow it down to one?
All kidding aside, I think my best quality is to really love people, to make them feel special and important. (If you don’t think this is true, tell me how to make it be so!)
What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done? Get married and have a family of my own. It’s exciting because there aren’t any rules (other than the Bible), and despite the zillions of other wives and parents out there, this husband and these kids are completely unchartered. HEY- that makes me like, Magellan!
What is your favorite movie and why? I have a lot of favorites–it seriously depends on my mood. I like Gone with the Wind, Braveheart, Schindler’s List, The Patriot–hmm…I’m seeing a historical war theme here…I also love Steel Magnolias and not just for the cool 80’s hair and Southern accents. I longed for that kind of friendship my whole life.

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Both babies are sleeping in the recliner next to me. Aviana is snoring a bit. Incidentally, this is the third day in a row she has napped. She is so hard to figure out. We’ve had a splendid day so far though.

We got up and got ready and Daddy took us out to breakfast. Quite the special treat. Then I went and got the girls’ eyes checked and we went to story hour. I made a new friend, which is always special. Then after a rather meager lunch (I have GOT to go grocery shopping!), Aviana headed to her room for “Quiet Time Play Time” and I nursed Brielle to sleep and read the first four chapters of The Count of Monte Cristo.

It’s pretty good so far, but the copy I have smells old and rather musty, so I think I’m going to have to trade it in for a less stinky book. My cousin and I have a cute little book club whereby we read the same book (she lives a bit over 2 hours away) and then we get together to watch the movie. This is our second book.

We’re trying to be cerebral by reading a ‘classic’, but it’s challenging when most of my brain power is used up deciding between monumental choices like if it’s better to (A) try and get the floor swept one handed whilst holding the baby and it being an exhausting workout,(B) to try and keep the baby from crawling through and eating the dirt pile whilst sweeping or (C)forego the sweeping altogether.

When in doubt, choose (C).

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Our new kitties

My sister-in-law told Kevin to tell me she wants to see more pictures on here and not so much writing. So this post is for you, Connie–fewer words–more pictures!
Can you see Brielle and me reflected in the window? This is taken from the kitchen looking out onto our porch.

We got these kitties on Monday–from a little old lady who spoiled them rotten–We’re training them to be outdoor cats, but she must have given them tons of attention, as they cry all the time to be petted and sneak into the house every chance they get. This morning I had to rescue one from behind the sectional, and have the scratches to show for it. The mostly white one Aviana named Zoozoo. The one with the dark face was named Patches and the other Mittens by above mentioned little old lady. A bit too unoriginal for me, so I may still change them.

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Rain Rain, stay and play

I love rainy days– I enjoy the results of the rain; I enjoy the feel of it on my face; I love to see the fierceness of the lightening and the occasional thunderclap; I love to hear it on the roof. Mostly though, I love rainy days because I get to see more of my darlin’ man.

He accompanied us to music class. He suggested going to see a relative in the nursing home. He suggested going out for lunch at this hole in the wall bar across from the nursing home that we frequent. He wanted to go up to a town about 45 minutes away to look at a boat. The girls miraculously fell asleep in the car on the way there so we were able to have over an hour of uninterrupted conversation!

I wanted to stop at the library there, because I like to sense the different style of libraries wherever I am, and because I wanted to watch The Bachelor I had missed Monday on-line. The internet kept kicking me off to begin with so I missed the rose ceremony since you’re only allowed ONE HOUR (and if you go over, they sternly tap you on the shoulder), but it was fantastic, sitting all by myself watching my sleazy type show all by myself.

We messed around for a bit on the children’s floor before Kevin said he needed to get back. Brielle screamed the whole way home. She hates to be in her carseat. The resulting tension probably contributed to he and I having a disagreement, but we handled it well. But even then, it was still nice to do a family day.

The best part of the day was that evening after Aviana was in bed. I asked Kevin to hang out with me in the kitchen while I made cookies. He and I just talked and talked and talked. It was almost like when we were just getting to know each other and later when we were dating and would just spend hours reveling in each other and hanging on to every word. We decided to set a date night for Friday and to be more intentional about having grown-up time.

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Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers, Where’d ya get them peepers?
Jeepers Creepers, where’d ya get them eyes?

You must have been a beautiful baby
You must have been a wonderful child
When you were only starting to go to kindergarten
I bet you drove the little boys wild.
And when it came to winning blue ribbons
You must have shown the other kids how.
I can see the judges’ eyes as they handed you the prize
You must have made the cutest bow.
You must’ve been a beautiful baby
‘Cause baby look at you now.

**Brielle stood alone for about five seconds a couple different times today**

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At 6:45

I had already dealt with far too much for my meager reserves to handle, and as I looked at the clock, I said, “It’s only quarter to seven!” and started to cry. Kevin said, “Maybe you should go to your mom’s.” So I did.

The two hour drive wasn’t too bad, pretty much; I talked to my sister the whole way. She essentially monologued the whole way, and then when we started talking about me, 25 minutes from my destination, I started to cry. And I cried all the way there.

Apparently, I was a tad more stressed than I had realized. I guess I just handle and ignore and deal and stuff and supress until all the stress I’ve been pretending isn’t really there surfaces somehow.

We had a lovely visit. I got to spend time with my dad too.

I read a whole book (the fourth Babylon Rising) and Aviana played with her cousins who were there as well, eliminating my having to entertain her.

Even though we weren’t even there for 24 hours, it was a huge relief to be there.

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