Off to the zoo

I sure am glad he’s in there and I’m out here! (That’s a monitor lizard, in case you’re wondering)Geckos are not all that interesting.
Cora and Aviana attempt to get the alligator’s attention.
Cora and Ella feed the goat and
Miss Grumpy Pants ignores some wallabies.

Amelia shows Titus a lorikeet, while an emu stares me down.

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What a little sTinkerBelle!

Completely absorbed in what I was reading, I suddenly looked up and noticed Brielle was no longer playing happily at my feet.

I heard her cooing around the corner; I went to retrieve her and what do you think I found?

That little stinkerbelle was bopping her sleeping sister in the head with a beanie baby, cackling delightedly!

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