This is the man, who likes to play, who married a woman five years ago today.
This is the man, handsome and sweet, who jumped into husband-ing with both of his feet.
This is the man, handy and hot, who makes this marriage wonderful more often than not.
This is the man, thoughtful and kind, who loves his wife with all his heart and his mind.
This is the man, dedicated and dear, who makes my heart thump when he is near.
This is the man, funny yet quiet, who makes me laugh up a riot.

This is the man, gentle and fun, who was and is and always will be, the ONE.

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A Long Drive

We got our first snow today! And it rained pretty much all day too.

It seemed like we were in the car all day today. And technically, we were. Aviana started saying, “I dist want to be home in my own house!”. I echoed her sentiment, but the whining was annoying.

Here we are safe and sound.

Oh, and did I mention I have laryngitis? Kevin says to not bother talking since he can’t hear me anyway.

At least he is doing the lion’s share of dealing with the girls. I can whisper and be heard mostly and sometimes get a squeak out… I think it’s getting a little better today though.

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Sippy Cup Question

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that at a nutrition class, they said not to give children milk or juice in a sippy cup.

I think the reasoning behind that is to prevent cavities, it’s best to not let your child have a sippy to carry around all day with anything besides water. The sugars in juice especially would be constantly on the teeth, never giving the mouth time to balance its pH. Even though we only use 100% juice diluted with water, and usually only at breakfast, and milk at lunch and dinner, they were condoning having your child drink out of an open cup at meal times.

Aviana had been using an open cup forever, and then Brielle came along. She is much more of a ‘full-bodied’ baby, not at all careful, always reaching, grabbing, and spilling, so we used a sippy. Aviana now wants one all of the time too. And, when we are in a room besides the kitchen, if Brielle grabs Aviana’s drink, it doesn’t matter (and I don’t really like cleaning up constant spills in the kitchen either, but I’m not worried about the floors).

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