My Child Won’t Eat

Grrr…Miss Aviana, who is the child that will say to me, “I would dist wite some wejtibles for a snat” (I would just like some vegetables for a snack) has been rebelling big time at mealtime. In the last week, she has refused her lunch and dinner every single night on the premise that it is too spicy, or she doesn’t feel well or it’s too hot, or I gave her too much, or she won’t say anything at all and just won’t eat it. Sometimes she’ll eat a bite or two if we feed her like a baby. We don’t let her eat anything else the rest of the night. It it’s at lunch time, I’ll reserve her lunch at snack time, but she still won’t eat it, so I usually let her have some fruit or veggies with cheese.

I haven’t been too concerned because she always has healthful snacks and eats a good breakfast.
I have been trying to not get into a power struggle about it, because after all, how can you force a kid to eat? You can put a carrot in the mouth, but you can’t make it stay.

Tonight we had a yummy roast with carrots and potatoes. All her favorites. She wouldn’t even touch it, complaining of a tummy ache. I know she’s playing me, so I ask her if she wants some snack mix.
“How about a cookie?”
“Could you eat some chocolate?” I inquire.
“Yes, I fink so.”
“Then eat your dinner.”
Plaintively, “I taaaaaaaan’t”

I had told the girls we would go upstairs and watch a video after dinner if there was time before bed-always a special treat. So after trying to convince her to eat to the point of my frustration, I told Aviana she would just sit on her bed until bedtime while Brielle and I went upstairs. She cried and complained, but to her bed she went. After a bit, she came upstairs. I told her to go down and eat her dinner, and she did. There was one break, where she needed to be reminded again, and the whole process took almost an hour and a half, which is just ridiculous. But she did eat, and got to watch the last five minutes of Elmo’s World (Melmo in B speak) with us.

I don’t know what to do. Is this a big deal? Is it a phase? Should I discipline her about it or just say ‘fine, nothing until breakfast’? Should I cut out her snacks altogether? Or should I just not care as long as she’s not eating junk, and is getting her nutrients? Is this an obedience issue/ rebellion issue or just a food issue?

Most of the ‘experts’ (not that most experts necessarily know more than your average mom on the street) say not to worry, bribes/punishments not a good idea, don’t give child any extra attention… I want to know what really works at a kitchen table near you.

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I wish I may…

Lisa, over at Life with Our Little Ladies, tagged me with a meme.

Conversation last night with my husband (on whose lap I’m sitting as we check the weather & email):
me: I need to answer this meme.
him: What’s a meme?
me (ever eloquent): it’s a thingy all about me I have to answer.
him(still clueless): Do you have to do it now?
me: Well, Lisa tagged me.
him( as if I’m not speaking English):Well, by all means, if Lisa tagged you you have to do the meme.
me(dissolving into a puddle of laughter): OK, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Here are the instructions: Post two wish lists: 5 material wishes and 5 spiritual or more meaningful wishes. Invite five other bloggers to play along.

Material wishes:
1–My vehicles and home to stay pristine inside and out at all times
2–French doors off my kitchen, leading to a patio with never a fly, comfortable furniture and a maintenance free water garden complete with a pair of swans
3–A delicious vegetable garden and fruit orchard paired with a magazine worthy flower garden–all with not a smidge of work -naturally!
4–The upstairs completely updated and remodeled–including a third floor attic playroom, and new furniture to boot–actually, just make that my whole house: keep the 150 year old charm and history with none of the problems and inconvenience or ugliness of an old home
5–A stylish, yet classy, self-updating and replenishing wardrobe and the body to go with it (no floppiness or fluffiness what so ever anywhere to be found!)

Oh man, I’m at 5 already! Can I wish for another wish?
Spiritual wishes:
These are all sort of true spiritual goals that I am already, constantly working on, striving for and failing at (with the occasional success thrown in to keep me chasing)
1–to have quiet time with God every day–the better I get to know Him, the more I can become like Him and the better of a person I’ll be
2–to teach my children the amazing depth of God’s love for us
3–to be the kind of wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend God created me to be while maintaining my own personal boundaries
and since these are wishes after all…
4–that every person in the world know Jesus as their personal Savior, so they can spend eternity with Him

That’s basically it!

I tag Brea

Go to it blogging buddies! Let’s hear your wishes!

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Subject is wanted for:
  • breaking the unbroken
  • unstacking the stacked
  • wetting the dry
  • hurling the tidy
  • emptying the full
  • tearing the whole
  • unfolding the folded
  • spilling the full and then innocently saying “uh-oh!”
  • losing the computer mouse
  • climbing anything that is standing still and some things that are slow moving (like the dog)
  • not eating her vegetables but scouring the kitchen floor for the off chance someone dropped a chocolate chip
  • spilling her granola, then further tossing it hither and yon by “wiping it up”
  • sound barrier breaking shrieks of both delight and dismay
  • “helping” to unload the dishwasher by taking the dirty dishes I am putting in the dishwasher away in the drawer
  • climbing on top of an overturned laundry basket in order to reach the remote to the ceiling fan/light, then bringing it to me saying, “No, no, no!”
  • having a tantrum when asked to say “Thank you”
  • climbing into the bathtub fully clothed to dump and play with all the bath toys–this presents the biggest problem when her accomplice (aka Miss A) turns on the water
  • tossing things out of the cart, grabbing items off the shelf, unwrapping Cadbury eggs in the checkout and generally wrecking havoc
  • climbing out of her crib repeatedly at bedtime
  • climbing into bed with you in the middle of the night, only to climb over you, then over Dada, then over you, then over Dada

Warning: Subject is armed with a disarming smile, charming and infectious giggle, adorable bear hugs complete with grunts, an endearing way of patting your cheeks, a top speed toddle, a fat little belly, the softest hair and sweetest smelling skin known to man.

Do not let subject fool you. Subject can and will destroy everything in her path and is resourceful beyond her years. Subject can and will exhaust you and all your creative thinking. Beware of the overwhelming urge to cover subject with kisses and the irresistible need to squeeze her. Approach with extreme caution and expect to be immediately won over.

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Playing Ice Cream

It’s all fun and games until the house burns down.

If you look on the stove behind the ice cream scene, you’ll see the honey (in a plastic bottle) I was trying to decrystallize sending smoke signals. This is what happens when the bottle melts to the pan.

And while I’m feeling confessional, Brielle is half naked because she just dumped my cup of coffee (cold, thank goodness!) all over her beautiful snowflake dress.

And that cup of coffee contained the last of the French vanilla creamer.

And I had already cleaned up Brielle with the Tide-to-go before she and Dada left for church.

And I cleaned up two Abbey accidents. She slithers out of the doggie diapers every time.

And now no coffee!

On the bright side, it gives me blog fodder.

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Sometimes I have to wonder if I have a sick sense of humor. It does seem a bit cruel to laugh at my sick feverish daughter. She has a cold and you know what you sound like when “you hab a code”, add in her already adorable preschool pronunciation of several letters (which include “weed for read” “tat/cat” wite/like” “dis/this”), and the fact she’s trying sing “Alouette” in French, and I think you’d laugh too.

Or maybe I’m just mean.

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As if my own grumpy girl, babbling baby, and burgeoning belly weren’t enough to contend with, now I have to deal with a decrepit diapered Daschund that doesn’t even belong to us!

Yes, Abbey has turned out to be quite the peeing machine. I let her out every hour, it seems like, and yet, when I go to put on my pants this morning (that I left on my bedroom floor) THEY ARE WET WITH DOG PEE!! This hasn’t been her first accident during the month long stay with us; but it definitely grossed me out the worst! The second worst being peeing on the new white loveseat in the big room. I know she’s old. I know it’s cold out. But still!

UPDATED:She scoots out of the diaper. Now what am I supposed to do?

If Brielle didn’t love her so much (she calls her MY Babbey) and I didn’t feel so sorry for her, I’d banish her to the freezing cold -enclosed-porch for the remainder of her stay ( Feb 2)

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Book Party

We had our Usborne book party last night. I love hosting parties and spent all day making some yummy food and faux champagne punch. Of course I took some time off to make some phone calls (during which the girls were perfect angels, probably because I gave them lollipops–what a coincidence!) and read stories and play a bit. It was an amazing day. Usually, even though I love having parties, I end up feeling a little stressed (to say the least) about managing all the preparation and the girls’ wants and needs. It wasn’t like that at all yesterday.

We had a good turnout despite the sub-zero temperatures. I got to talk to several friends for extended lengths of time, which is always high on my list of fun things to do. A good time was had by all. Except poor Aviana.

She had been counting down the hours practically, and when Mrs. S. came over to set up our house and make our living room and dining room look like a library, she was in heaven!

I think she thought a book party meant that everyone would come over and read to her. About halfway through the party, she turned to me and said, “This is just a talking party!” It wasn’t too long after that she decided she was tired and took her jammas and blankets upstairs and went to sleep!

I am so excited because I get to choose several free books! And goodness knows, I love anything free, and free books are the best!

All the demonstrator’s books are still here (It was late last night by the time the last guest left and frigid–so since she’s a neighbor, she just planned to come back today sometime when we weren’t all so tired), so we’ve been reading all morning. I guess I’d better get back to it!

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**Before I’m even out of bed, I hear Aviana enthusiastically (and loudly!) proclaim to Dada, “Yay! Today we are doe-ing to Heartstwings! (my Bible study) And tomorrow we’re having a buht party!” (book party)

** Brielle dumps her entire container of toy animals. “Uh-ohh!” She drops or spills anything and says, “Uh-ohh!” It’s pretty endearing, even if I do get tired of the picking up.

**When I went to get Brielle from child care after Heartstrings, she was still wearing her hat. They said she wouldn’t let them take it off her. As soon as I picked her up, she took it off. Some children suck their thumb, some have a special blanket; I guess mine has a “security hat.”

**In the play area at the mall, Aviana climbed into the rocket ship, saying, “I’m doe-in’ to Aunt Bawrb’s. I tan det dere reawwry fast in dis wotet sip. “

Later, I asked her, “How was your trip to Aunt Barb’s?”
She replied, “I didn’t see anyfing dere. Not even Aunt Bawrb.”

** Brielle “helps” by eating cheese
**Aviana, inexplicably attired, stuffs manicotti.

**An invented game resulting in gales of giggles: Aviana puts Brielle’s head under her shirt, and they walk around in circles laughing hysterically until they fall down. Then Brielle says “More! More!” and they do it again. To add to the fun, Aviana is wearing a pair of bundies (panties) as head gear.

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Pilates Recommendations?

Today in MOPS we had a Pilates instructor come and actually hold a class for us. I love “working out” with friends!

Anyway, it felt like a workout. I have two Pilates DVD’s–Pilates for Pregnancy, and Gaiam AM and PM Pilates. But I don’t feel like I did anything after I’m done with them, like I did today. Today I could tell I worked my core, and my thighs–oh definitely my outer thighs–I wonder what the difference is.

I have to really like the DVD because it is HARD for me to get motivated to do things by myself. I’m much more of a “with a friend” kind of girl, but having to drive 1/2 hour to get to a friend, plus factoring in two small children and their schedules, makes that hard too.

Do you have any recommendations? Or tips?

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