The Three Little Pigs: A Re-enactment

You can hear Brielle say “Knock, Knock”. It’s too bad I didn’t catch her saying “Bih-Bah-OooFFF” Big Bad Wolf, because that is pretty precious too!

After this, Aviana suggested playing “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” Here’s what she told her Dada:

You tan be the Bid Bi-wee Doat Dwuff, I tan be the Medium Sized Bi-wee Doat Dwuff, and Bwe-elle tan be the Widdlewest Bi-wee Doat Dwuff, and Mama tan be da BID UDWEE TWOLL!

I wonder if I should be offended… *grin*

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Gardening. Sigh.

Today in MOPS we had a speaker come talk about gardening;Tips and tricks and whatnot. It got me all ready for spring, which is a bit peculiar, considering I could hardly see driving to town this morning with all the snow, the roads were 90% ice covered, I haven’t seen anything green outside for ages and ages, and we all still have to wear layers indoors and out.

I had to go to a gardening catalogue online when I got home and make my wish list. Butterfly bushes, Bradford pears, weeping cherries, a bargain perennial garden, plants that love the sun, plants that love the shade, blueberries…sigh. I even want to put in a water garden and a patio this spring.

And then I remember how my attempts at gardening have turned out the past five summers I’ve attempted.

And how my master gardener mother-in-law just shakes her head at me and surreptitiously comes over to weed.

And how my dad takes pity on me and gives me some of the fruit of his labors.

And how I always end up at the Farmer’s Market (me- a farmer’s wife) buying vegetables to freeze.

I try to be realistic, but there is just something about planting and seeing it grow (at least until the crabgrass takes over) that makes me feel close to God, and so productive and housewife-y and farmwife-y.

Below is a recycled post from last May.

Gardening, and what it is to me

My veggies wilt and sigh

and my flowers always die

But with trowel in hand

I take a stand

and every year I try

Looking at “Birds and Blooms”

Leads to flowers that are doomed

Because unfortunately I forget

Water is an important little bit

Thus dry are my plants’ tombs

Backyard Living” I religously read

I carefully choose every seed

From poppies to daisies,

I make myself crazy,

Because then I forget to weed

So even though I’m bummed

and I feel pretty dumb

I’ll have to lay my hoe up on the shelf

and reluctantly resign myself

To the fact I don’t have a green thumb

I did have some successes this past year. Aviana and I planted some Mexican sunflowers down by our sign, and some of them grew. Also, I managed to keep alive 1/2 of my mums, and the pussy willows I planted were growing in the fall as well. I think some of the daisies survived. We grew some delicious tomatoes in the whiskey barrel.

And the carrot top Aviana and I have growing in the windowsill is looking very good!

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We’ve come a long way, baby!

We have come a long way since this post, but Aviana is still a high needs child. It surprises me though, these days, because generally speaking, our days are joy filled and I adore the time spent with my oldest. She is still that baby inside, and still needs help with self control, still needs extra cuddles, still needs to know unconditionally that I am her number one fan. Today has been one of those off days.

About the third time she yelled at Brielle this morning, before I was even out of bed, she came in to snuggle with me and get recharged. She told me she was having a bad day. I prayed with her and for her and for me. Overall, the times she has lost it are nothing like they used to be!

She is still on the verge of crying because one of the the apple slices touched the peanut butter on the plate, which is on the plate to dip her apples in! She still almost has a fit because the overalls she wants to wear are in the wash and too wet to wear. She still is upset when she can’t fit on my lap like she would like, or has to share with her sister, or gets her overalls pulled up wrong, or…

I am reminded of when I have days like this, and my Heavenly Father cozies me into His lap and reassures me that He has it all under control. He has me in the palm of His hand. There’s nothing to fret about, nothing to worry about. He cares for me beyond measure. I just need to calm down and bask in this Love.

So that is what we are doing, snuggling and reassuring my precious, precocious off kilter three and a half year old what a gift she is, and how much I care for her and take care of her. And it’s mostly working!

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So I almost got my car towed today. I guess I parked a little far from the curb due to the mongo snowdrifts and my being in somewhat of a hurry. There were cars parked on both sides of the road and one of the neighbors called! When I got out of church, the very congenial policeman and Kevin were chatting. We had driven separately since I had to go to a meeting after church and the girls (and Dada) needed to come home for rests/naps.

After my lunch meeting, I went to Target all by myself! I showed amazing restraint, only buying what was on my list (not even an extra apple made it into my cart, and we actually needed apples). I got the girls matching and utterly adorable dresses for Easter. I can’t wait!

The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent jumping into large piles of pillows, cozying up reading, enjoying our traditional Sunday night dinner of apples/popcorn/cheese/ and veggies with dip. After the bedtime rituals, I finished Teaching True Love to the Sex-at-13 Generation and delved further into The Complete Guide of Getting Started in Homeschooling.

I have to recommend buying Teaching True Love to any and every parent. It teaches about purity in a way I’ve never really experienced. It forces you to take a good hard look at what you believe and why. It makes you think about your relationships with God and your spouse differently. It provokes interesting and deep conversations with your co-parent.It is powerful. One needs to buy it for the application, the tasks recommended are life-changing and not short lived. They can’t be accomplished in a one time fix all session.

And I watched parts of the Oscars.

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Yes, I’m a schoolteacher

Can we just get something straight? As a general rule of thumb, apostrophes show possession. A plain “s” shows plurality.

So, you can invite the Connors (more than one person with the last name of Connor) over for dinner and you can go to the Connor’s (because you are going to their house, the possession is implied) for dinner. You do not invite the Connor’s for dinner.

Thank you. Lesson over.

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Big Happenings

The first big news is that today, I was the first one up! I’m not sure that has ever been an occurrence in the Farm Fresh Family. Ever! Everyone slept until 7! Brielle was awake by the time I got finished having a drink, but still, I was the first one up!

Yesterday the girls had their check ups and were both declared adorable and healthy. I really liked the caregiver we had; a nurse practitioner new to the practice. I think I’m going to ask for her from here on out.

Brielle has some eczema covering most of her back and she made a worthwhile recommendation for that. She suggested to bathe her every day, as soon as she’s out of the tub and while still damp, slather her up with Aquaphilic or Aquaphor. I guess we’ll give it a shot and see what happens. She is 32 inches high and weighs 23 pounds. This puts her in the 55th and 40th percentiles respectively. Right in the middle.

Aviana’s vision test was inconclusive. She knew the shapes (house umbrella apple) but then said “I don’t know” when asked to identify them from across the room. They sent us home with a home test, and the same thing happened. When I put the test on the table in front of her, she got the letters right 100% of the time. But then when I put her ten feet away and had her cover one eye, she only knew the big ones, and then started saying “I don’t know.” When we tried it again, she told me “It’s a setwet.” “Dat’s a seetwet too!” Dat one’s awso a seetwet.” Little prankster. So I still don’t know if she can see them or not, but I’m honestly thinking she can’t. We’ll just have to keep an eye on it(no pun intended ;-)). I’m not surprised really; I got glasses in elementary school and Kevin got his in Junior High; plus with her being a preemie… She is 39 3/4 inches tall and weighs 33 pounds which puts her in 90th percentile (taller than 90% of children-or is it just girls? her age) for height and 75th for weight.

The other big thing from yesterday is I had my first Usborne party. Ilene, the consultant I joined under, did the majority of the party, but I helped showcase a few of my favorite books and took the orders. We used all my books and a few of hers. I had a good time. I think I’m really going to like this business!

A couple of the guests were a pair of twins, also both expecting, one due in late March and one due in early June–I felt like my belly was as big as theirs! Maybe Kevin wasn’t too off base a week ago when he saw me standing in the kitchen, gave me the once over, and said, “Sheesh! That belly’s big! Are you sure you’re not due in March!?”

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