The Book Nook

Finally–the book nook is finished! I still have to sort & organize their books, but it is ready for reading!

This room used to be known as the harness shop; it’s an attic type room in which the hired men used to repair horse harness during the winter. It has an oddly placed window that looks nowhere because it used to be on an outer wall. Kevin’s parents just used it as storage, but I didn’t really want to do that because you have to walk through it to get from the bedroom part of the upstairs to the family room part of the upstairs. It was dark and dingy, had brown icky floors, greyish bumpity walls, poor lighting…

After working on it off and on (often off) all summer, fall and winter, this is the result! Kevin did all the hard work; the resurfacing of the walls, the base coat of paint, cutting the carpet to fit, hanging the mirrors, which is no easy task in these concrete-esque walls, installing new lighting and an outlet, cutting the legs off and painting these book cases we got from somewhere. I just did the fun painting.

We also call it the hobbit room, because one of the doorways is only five feet tall, and it is sort of like a burrow.

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Heard Today

Mama, I wuv you so mutz!
I love you too Darlin’
But I dist reaww-wee need some space fwum wittle miss Bwee-elle!

Mama, I wuv you more dan Dod wuvs you!
Wow, that’s a lot!
I love you that much too, but God still loves you more.
Strokes my face:
Hi dere, my pwessus! You’re so sweet!

(We had a good day)

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Recording Our Voices

Did you ever sit in your room and record your voice on your trusty little tape player like I did? I used to just tell stories to it, and practice different accents; pretend I was a DJ and record some of my records–I had an old 45 player we had picked up from an auction, with Elvis and Ricky Nelson 45’s!

All afternoon we have been recording our voices onto CD. It’s hilarious. I got the bright idea to make a CD of me reading the girls’ favorite stories, so sometimes when I’m tired or busy, I can just play that instead of reading it. The stories we have recorded so far are interspersed with comments like, “I bwought you the twash tan.” “My bummie itches.” and shrieks of displeasure because of a clementine theft. It’s been great fun.

We also have some songs, like “Twintle, Twintle Wittle Stawr” and Aviana “reading” Curious George Takes a Job.

Then it occurred to me I could make a story CD for a personal inexpensive birthday present! So now I know what to give when we receive birthday party invitations for the next year!

Oh how excited am I?!

***edited to add*** We have a Philips CD recorder that I got back in my single days, when I had time to do things like make mix CD’s for friends, or Kevin Darlin’. Kevin had a mic, and he just read the instructions (imagine that!). I’ve had the thing for 8 years and never bothered to find out I could make voice recordings!

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Springtime and Easter Fun

Prep for our Easter craft–egg hunting masks; for our Easter Egg Hunt Party
Bennent and Cam make masks
Aaron and Elisabeth work on theirs
Kylie models hers with help from Mama Amie
Jason and Jocelyn
Aviana and Alyssa are ready to hunt
Aaron, Isaac and Jackson wait for the “GO!”
Brielle is off and searching!
Aviana scores!
Aaron (who has a loose tooth) and Elisabeth return with baskets full of eggs
With a bit o’ help from Dad, Ben climbs to reach a couple of wily eggs.
Easter egg cupcakes and
Easter egg pizza thanks to familyfun.com (which also provided the idea for the bunny masks)

We had 34 people here for Easter fun!
And Aaron lost his tooth!
Clear signs of spring:

All the birds were chirping beautifully today,
My pussy willows are blooming,

The rooster is getting frisky,
And it’s SNOWING!

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Keep a toddler entertained:

Brielle (19 months)was entertained for nearly a half hour this afternoon! We keep our toothpicks in an old cinnamon container. She took them out one at a time like she’s seen me do countless times (you have to invert it just a little, and grab hold of one that presents itself through a hole), put it on the counter, then put them all back in one at a time. Repeat.

After baths, while I was getting dinner on the table, Aviana got into the action as well. They thought of making ‘spiny anteaters’ themselves (probably prompted because they see me check cupcakes and muffins for doneness with a toothpick) with stale rolls.

What are some ways you keep/kept your wee one focused on an activity, so you are free to do something else nearby?

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