Baby Doctor

I really am wearing shorts–they are just obscured by the mass that is our baby.

We received our Birth Kit the other day. Opening that little package made our impending birth seem like it’s really getting close now! Kevin got a big kick out of the “1-bed pan, mauve” and the one-size-fits-all stretch briefs included in the kit. He’s a honey, but seriously, such a guy.

And this morning, Aviana told my parents, “We’re doeing to have our baby wight hewre in dis house. So evewry body tan tum ovewr to watch!”

I think she has me mixed up with A Baby Story.

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Heard Recently

Me: all enthusiastic about the new gardening book I’ve checked out from the library, showing Kevin all sorts of cottage gardens, water gardens, perennial simple practically maintenance free gardens. “look at this one! Oh and see this! This is exactly what I want!” My past experience with gardening not dampening my excitement one bit.

Finally Kevin responds with: Ok ONE, you have get live plants. TWO, you have to plant them while they are still alive. AND THREE, you have to water and weed them so they live!

Me: Ummm…yeah.
Aviana is eating an apple. I ask if I can have a bite. When I hand it back, she is all woeful, “But Mama, I wanted it to wook wike a hot air bawoon!”
After using her toy mop to spread water all over the kitchen, Miss A enthuses: I tan mop for you evewry day you need it! I will dist wuv to!
Our porch kitties have graduated to getting to go outside during the day. When we went to let them back in the other evening, we couldn’t find them. Aviana was quite distressed.

” We HAVE to find dem, Mama! I am twite fond of dem!”
We have some delightful books from Usborne called Farmyard Tales. Every one of them starts the same: This is Apple Tree Farm. This is Mrs. Boot, the farmer. She has two children called Poppy and Sam, and a dog named Rusty.

Today Aviana wanted to know:”Why are our tows not as tween as Poppy and Sam’s?”
Aviana is in her room, busily pretending. She calls out to me, “I’m mating you a sweatewr. You will dist wuv it!”

A while later she amends her gift, “Actually, it’s a poncho. I don’t know how to mate sweeves yet!”
Opa is wiping off Gypsy’s paws. Brielle wants to know what he’s doing, so he explains. He finishes with saying, “Because it’s wet outside.”
Brielle thinks about this for a second, and says, “Boots!”
Aviana, on life: I’m reawry tumpweetwee vewry wight! (I’m really, completely, very, right!)

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It’s Real Life

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Here is the It’s Real Life badge and the code to copy to put it on your post. The badge will appear on your page and will link back here to the fest.

Curb Appeal: Here’s our house from the road. Pay no attention to the five gallon bucket holding the front door closed, or the crab grass landscaping. Our house is old (built in 1850, kitchen addition in 1901) and has its issues, but it’s filled with love.

This is my junk drawer. I prefer to call it “the drawer next to the refrigerator”. Do you need tape? Here ya go. Pretty much any variety of marker? Got that too. Motivational sticker? Check. Calculator? Clip? Tape measure? Sticky note? Recipe card? Paper punch? You’ll find it all right here!
My absolute favorite jewelry. Notice where it isn’t. My finger. Which is so swollen right now, I couldn’t even get my bigger sized jewelry off tonight.
From whence I blog: We can close this armoire which is handy for company, and small children. Notice all the sticky notes–lists of funny things Aviana has said recently (a future post), verses, prayers, quotes, a letter to Dear Annie about how a wife’s office is her home and both parents should clock out at the same time, the babies don’t keep poem that Mrs Hub talked about in this awesome post, books I need to add to my list…Also you may see DVD’s, a slipper, a stuffed animal, Baby C’s ultrasound picture, a magazine or two, plus miscellaneous items…need a bobby pin or a screw?

I need to say–I love that picture of the girls in the wagon (which hides a lot more junk and Kevin’s printer he uses exclusively for check writing –and I use it when mine runs out of color ink –shh, don’t tell)
My best feature: I thought long and hard about this; is it my hair (Clairol Light Auburn), my shapely ankles, my outie belly button, the peach fuzz on my chin?

Finally, I decided my best feature is my laugh. That presents another problem…how in the world can you hear my laugh, naturally? I had my mom tape me watching this absolutely hilarious video; it makes me laugh every single ding dong time I watch it. The girls’ antics didn’t hurt either. (If you decide to watch the video at the youtube link, know that it isn’t exactly appropriate for children, but it went over the heads of my children.)

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Now, I’m comin’ to your house, I’m comin’ to your house, I’m comin’ to your house…Ready or not, Here I come! Can’t wait!

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Hey y’all

I am sitting on my sister-in-law’s leather couch, using her wireless internet, watching cruddy satellite TV (sixteen year old girls acting like divas planning their birthday parties, “celebrities” who I don’t know acting like spoiled babies because they signed up to lose weight, but now don’t want to work out, women who got chosen by what not to wear, arguing with the designers who have good taste, a dad arguing with the Nanny 911, and disrespecting his wife when she asks the kids not to go down the stairs on a board –although it did look like fun…–), in St. Louis, not a small child in sight.


We’re here to help her move, but actually, I’m just along for the ride. Tonight we’re staying in a B&B.

Double Ahhhhh….

I’m going to be hard pressed when we get home late tomorrow night to get my It’s Real Life post all ready to go! I’ll get ‘er done though.

Hope you’re enjoying your evening as much as I am!

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It’s Real Life Fest

So are you ready for It’s Real Life on Thursday?

Here’s what you do:
To participate you simply to take pictures at any given time of some things around your house. The catch is you can’t primp, prink or otherwise prepare the area to make it seem better than it is.

Now I know some of you wouldn’t have to do that anyway–but that is why it’s called “It’s Real Life.”

Here’s your list:

  • curb appeal (yep, a picture of your home from the outside)
  • junk drawer
  • from whence you blog
  • favorite jewelry
  • your best feature
  • (Now, no whining or complaining about ‘your best feature’–I know you all have more than one. I was so saddened that so many of you made derogatory remarks about your looks for the self portrait. Shame shame. You are all beautiful. Honest.)

I’ll have the badge code and Mr Linky all ready to go on Thursday! Can’t wait to come visit you again!

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35 weeks pregnant

Baby C weighs about 6 lbs (2750g) and measures about 20.7 inches (46cm) in length. Crown to rump measurement is about 13.5 inches (34cm). He now feels lower in my pelvis, contributing, I’m sure, to the sometimes excruciating, but fortunately not constant pain, I feel there. I asked my chiro how to make the pelvic adjustment last longer, and he, ever helpful, answered, “Have the baby.” Thanks Doc.
Our baby continues to grow, kick, and move about. He has the hiccups right now which make my belly jump in response. He is probably feeling quite cramped right now and his movements are restricted by his growing size. (So they say. I say he’s still moving around like Chinese acrobats.) Our baby’s face has filled out and the cheeks now look plump and full. Fat baby cheeks are caused by fat deposits, but also by powerful sucking muscles which our baby has been honing by sucking his thumb. His skull is firm, but it is not hard as it needs to give a little when it is passing through the birth canal. He’s head down by now, with his spine on my left side. Kathy, our midwife, said that in her experience, a left lying baby contributes to a better birth. Yay me! It was so fun yesterday for her to feel parts, and say “Oh, feel that, that’s his knee! Ooooh, here’s a shoulder!” Me, I just feel hard little bumps and Kevin feels not much of anything in the way if identifiablity.

In fact, he’s SO head down, she measured wrong the first time obtaining my fundal height–which is from the pelvic bone to the top of the uterus. She mistook his hard little head for my bone.

The fine lanugo hair that covered our baby is shedding, though some may still be present when your baby is born.

His fingernails are growing. They already reach the tips of his fingers and they may even look quite long and pointy by the time he is born. He may even have some scratch marks from scratching his face with his fingernails.

Next week, at 36 weeks, he’s considered full term! Hooray!

And Kathy, the midwife, and Jenny, the assistant, will be coming to the house for the rest of our appointments, instead of my going there. Again, Hooray!

I’m actually starting to look forward to giving birth. You know in Spanish, a phrase for having a baby is “dar la luz” which literally, in English translates to Give the Light.

I am going to savor every moment of the rest of this pregnancy. And I am going to treasure the ability and privilege and process of dando la luz.

And if I don’t, I give you permission to smack me upside the head.

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Bits of Today

Today was a much better day. Thank you all for your encouragement. That’s part of why I love blogging you know. It’ s sort of a journal for me, therapeutic in nature just to write. And with the blog, I get feedback and support.
Of course it really helped that my parents were here. Brielle went upstairs to hang out with them when she awoke at oh-dark-thirty.
We see a midwife an hour away, and we had an appointment today. My dad volunteered to keep the girls so we could go without any little helpers. From 10-2 I was kid free, and unencumbered by responsibility. When we got home, they were both peacefully sleeping like little angels.
Kevin headed out to side dress corn while I started in all the dishes. I didn’t even get a chance to fold any of the six baskets of laundry sitting around before Brielle was awake.
It was sunny and warm today too, so we made smoothies and then put on their suits to go out and play in some water.

The water looks so dirty because of all the sand Aviana poured into it.
Watering a weed.
Watering a poodle. This is Gypsy, my parent’s dog.
Performing amazing feats of acrobatics.

Yesterday, I had filled up the wading pool, but by the time quiet time was over it was raining. The day before, I took the girls to the local pool, but was informed upon arriving the kiddie pool was closed and the regular pool starts at a depth of four feet. So we left.

I was talking to my MIL on the way there, and told her the girls were just thrilled about going swimming at the pool. Regarding our discouraging news, Aviana quipped, “I’m SO disappointed. I was so wooting fowrward to being fwiwlled.” (I was looking forward to being thrilled!)
We took baths and then we ate mixed veggies (of which, Brielle requested seconds!), popcorn, cheese and apples while watching Sleeping Beauty. After which, we read a couple stories, sang a couple hymns, I popped the girls in bed, and Dada came in just in time to tell them a made-up story. Within minutes they were both asleep.

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