I am way too young for birthday cards like “It’s not the number of candles on your cake that counts…” and yet to my chagrined surprise, that is what I got from my aunt today.

And then I opened the card from my grandma:

The inside says: Doesn’t God have a weird sense of humor?

I think my family has a weird sense of humor.

My mom first sent that card to my grandma in 1989 and they have been circulating it ever since among lucky familial recipients with the same sick and twisted 😉 sense of humor.

I made the mistake of saying ‘I’d better never get this card sent to me!’

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We’re all doing better around here (all the delicious brownies people have been bringing are contributing to that, I’m positive). In fact, I’m nursing at the keyboard, something that would have been unthinkable a few days ago.

The girls are doing better too. There are still some kinks like whinyness and disobedience to iron out, but they are adjusting. I had all three of them by myself for the entire morning yesterday. It went a lot better than I could have hoped, but I was surprised at how exhausted I was after Grandma came to get them! Cadrian and I slept for 2 1/2 hours then in the afternoon!

My birthday is Friday and I have been trying to talk myself into letting Kevin take me out. We went to the drive-in for my birthday 11 days after Aviana was born–after pre-eclampsia, a C-section, being in the hospital for 5 days; having two other children at home sure makes a big difference on the energy level.

Cadrian is growing like crazy–He’s up to 9 pounds 3 ounces, (up almost a pound) and he grew an inch in his first week. He is so strong and can hold up his head for quite a long time. As well, he can squirm his way to where he wants to go (the boob)and get there quite effectively.

My big projects have been working on Cadrian’s birth announcement, getting pictures uploaded to Winkflash to take advantage of 6¢ prints before the end of the month, and finding good books to read.

I’m spending, on average, 3 1/2 hours a day nursing and thereby reading about a book a day. I really have enjoyed The Plague Maker, Out of the Shadows, Doesn’t She Look Natural?, The English American, Reading with Babies, Toddlers and Twos, and Blood Ties. We also watched a movie I really liked called In Her Shoes.

Take my recommendations and run with them if you like, even if you aren’t trapped in a chair for more than a full eighth of your day.

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*When we called over to Joyce’s right after Cadrian was born to let them know, Aviana said, “I’m doeing to stay the night over at Dwandma’s; will he still be wittle enough for me to hold tomorrow?”

*Aviana, patting my belly, “Are you going to have another one?”

* We changed Cadrian’s name at the last minute, which was a bit of an adjustment for all of us. Aviana said, “Oh, Tallistwer’s so TWUTE!” Paused, remembering he’s Cadrian now, “What’s his name again?”

*During a diaper change, Brielle poked at Cadrian’s boy parts. “Dat?! Dada have!”

*The girls went over to Grandma’s for the afternoon and Kevin said, “Ah, finally alone!”
I said jestingly, “Well, your mother-in-law’s still here, so don’t be thinkin’ about any funny business.”
He looked at me in all seriousness, and asked, “Are you up for funny business?”


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Quick Update

We’re all doing well here. Honestly. Overall.

Breastfeeding is still not at all what I hoped for, but having consulted a lactation specialist, am still optimistic this EXCRUCIATING pain will be gone soon. It seems as if we have a good latch, and nothing else is really wrong; Cadrian just has a really strong suck, but also a poor suck where my ‘girls’ are concerned.

We’ve been having some wonderful friends bring out meals.

Kevin’s mom took this week off work with the intent of babysitting, so I think that will really help to have time off from the girls. They are a handful, and always want to kiss me and Cadrian and bump the chair and climb on us while we are trying to nurse. Nursing at this point requires my full concentration.

Friday was a full day with a trip to the library and a friend’s house, followed by a couple of visits from friends in the afternoon. My cousin was able to come over for dinner too and meet Cadrian.

Today my dad, who had been on RAGBRAI, and Connie, (Kevin’s sister) who had been in Wisconsin for work training both got to meet our precious bundle.

Yesterday out and about, we weren’t properly prepared for both Brielle and Cadrian to poo in their outfits, but it all worked out in the end. No pun intended.

And today within ten minutes of Connie being here I had to change both my tops and bottoms. Leakiness everywhere.

Post birth is messy! And painful!

But oh, look into those barely focused eyes, or feel him nuzzle up to your neck, or pick him up when he’s wailing pitifully in protest to a diaper change and have him immediately quiet and relax into your arms, and you’ll know why I go through it!

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Unmatched delight–Just look at the wonder and excitement in their faces!

My little man is four days old, and I am finally getting used to the idea that he is here and very much part of the family. I’m feeling amazingly well.

My biggest issue right now is that my breasts think I’ve applied for a job as a stripper and are engorged constantly. Add to that bloody nipples and you’ve got a miserable top half. He nurses voraciously nonetheless and doesn’t seem to mind. Cadrian sounds like a flock of geese the whole time he’s eating.

My bottom half is recovering nicely, thanks to my midwife’s astounding skill in stitchery. I didn’t tear as badly as I had with Brielle too, thanks to God!

I was reading an Amish diary in Our Iowa. The author (the husband) had just had a baby the night before he started keeping the week long diary. They had hired their 18 year old niece to be maid and child care taker for a few weeks, so all the mama had to do was rest and take care of the new baby. I don’t have an 18 year old niece to hire, but I am definitely going to be taking a cue from the Amish and resting for the next few weeks.

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Welcome Baby C

Guest Blogger Gigi, Jessica’s mom

Yesterday afternoon we were at the pool between 4-5 for Aviana and Brielle’s BD party when Jessica had about 4 contractions that said, “This could be it!” We had spent all morning getting ready for the cookout, plus all the friends and family had showed up, plus, Jessica LOVES parties! So she wanted to go ahead with it.We called the midwife who said to just keep an eye on things, and we’ll check back in with her in an hour.But as we were getting everything set up, the contractions ramped up to about every 4-5 minutes. At 5:45, “something changed,” she said, and she wanted to go home. Kevin, Jessica and I encouraged everyone else “eat, drink and be merry,” open presents and take LOTS of pictures, since we were obviously going to miss the party! Everyone gathered round for a quick prayer for a safe, easy-as-possible labor, and we took off.
. We called the midwife again, who lives 1.5 hours away, and she left within 10 minutes of our call. As soon as we arrived home, Jessica laid down on the bathroom floor while Kevin struggled to get the birthing tub ready for our home birth. I stayed in there with her, helping her along as best I knew how, hoping against hope that the midwife would get here soon!.
. By 6, she was 3 minutes apart. By 6:50 she was pushing. She asked me, “Is he coming out?” I replied, “I don’t know! You’re on your side. You gotta roll over!” Kevin called the midwife and since I’d been in there with her the whole time as Kevin sweated over whatever problems he was having with the tub, she asked me for the status. I was so scared by then that we were going to deliver this baby with no outside help whatsoever that panic was only a breath away. I actually couldn’t talk to her at first, because my brain couldn’t form coherent sentences and anyway, I was actually and literally “scared spitless!” Not a drop!
. The midwife was very calming, however, and soon she had me back in the bathroom, repeating to Jessica and Kevin what she said to me. First thing she said was, “Get the nose aspirator out of the birthing kit.” OH! The birthing kit!!! How could we have forgotten? I was struggling along using old towels, rags, toilet paper and baby wipes. Those chux would have been so handy!!!
.She told us to have Jessica get up on her hands and knees and all of a sudden, we could see the top of his head! I knew for sure we were going all the way with it then!

Kevin got into place to catch the baby, and I reported, “There is his head!” One big push and out he came, right into his daddy’s arms! Cadrian Kevin was born at 7, and the midwife arrived at 7:10. He is strong and healthy and weighs 8.5 pounds, and is 20 inches long. He is a vigorous nurser!

Everyone is fine and doing well, including me, and if you know me at all and can believe this, I did not panic, throw up, or faint, during OR after!

God’s hand was upon us all, and answered the prayer we prayed in an unexpected way! WE had no idea how important that prayer was! We are grateful, if very surprised!

PS We never did get to use the birthing tub.
PSS They happened upon his name, Cadrian (rhymes with Adrian) a couple of weeks ago, liked it and changed their minds right then and there! So that’s why it’s not from the list. It was going to be Callister.
Here’s me and the baby. Notice I am still wearing my sparkly skirt and fancy earrings from the party. I’m the only one who managed to sidestep all the amniotic fluid and all the other gross stuff! But no, I am not planning on changing careers, I will not take Jessica up on her offer for business cards for “Kevin and Gigi’s Home Delivery Service Extraordinaire”. I much prefer Library Lady to midwifery.

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Goin’s on and Happenings…

Today’s the big birthday party. We’re going swimming this afternoon and then grilling out in the park. Pretty low key; about 25 people. I got Aviana’s dream of a three tier cake decorated last night and took a picture of it in case Kevin tripped going down the stairs. We just have some last minute food and drink prep to take care of today.

I saw my chiropractor Friday. He has a ton of experience in obstetrics and said he can tell when labor is imminent because my back will feel like ripe melon. Labor isn’t imminent. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help thinking I might be in early labor yesterday.

I felt queasy all day and normally, I have (BH) contractions pretty much only in the evening when I sit down to relax, and when I’m in bed waiting for sleep. Yesterday, however, I was having them at least every half hour and they were a lot more intense. My mom was oh so encouraging when she related how with my sister, she had contractions every five minutes all afternoon and evening for five days before her birth.

Obviously, since I am not in labor and have no baby, I was not in early labor yesterday.

Although, now that the wheat harvest is over and Kevin has the field planted to soybeans and the birthday party festivities will soon be past, Kevin has given me permission to birth.

Thank you, dear.

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I live with funny people

“I’m going to go take a shower,” I say.

“Is any water going to hit your feet?” inquires my smart aleck husband.

“Mama? Know what we sudd do today?” asks Aviana in an awed excited voice.

“What’s that, honey?”

“We sudd doe to the dentist!!” she intones reverently.

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