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This week’s theme is How I Roll.

This week’s It’s Real Life is dedicated to McMommy. We ‘met’ because she had a funny minivan post back in April, asked to see the inside of our vans, and I played along. Thanks to her, I did an It’s Real Life, before there was an It’s Real Life!

This actually looks pretty good. I live on a gravel road after all.
Belle and Brielle. Cadrian’s seat and blanket. The mail I had just picked up on the way home. Yay–Momsense magazine and my Stampin’ Up catalogue!
Ignore the gunk. Stale Teddy Grahams for an emergency. Tissues are a must when one has severe allergies.
We love fresh breath around here–or is that farm fresh breath? Ha ha. Several state maps, because you just never know where you’ll end up!
The requisite Diet Mountain Dew, choice of champions, and highly caffeinated new moms. My make-up, because when we’re running late, I do it in car. I also have make-up in the house. Someone’s phone number we no longer need on that yellow sticky note.
This is the back of the van. Underneath four lawn chairs you’ll find Brielle’s candy bag from the parade. An air compressor in case of a flat tire.
Also in the back, some treat bags, the Mei Tai wrap, a ‘just in case it’s sunny’ hat, Aviana’s “church bag” (an activity bag for service), and our reusable grocery bags, which I completely forgot about–as I had just taken in a week’s worth of groceries that the bag boy managed to fit on top of all this paraphernalia. There are umbrellas under all this too.

And we have jumper cables under the insulated reusable bag–which I also forgot about thusly leaving the milk in the car during MOPS registration, justifying that it was a cool day and it would probably be ok.
Cadrian’s diaper bag, wipes and yes, that would be a dirty diaper. I took these pictures just after arriving home is my excuse on that one. I had to change him in the parking lot and hadn’t had a chance to dispose properly of the diaper. Yet.
Snack mix anyone?

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Yes, those would be my children

Saturday we had a good old fashioned family day at a tiny town festival, complete with overpriced smoothies and funnel cakes. Despite the rising temperatures, we managed to have a great time at the pancake breakfast, racing in the Toddler Trot, hanging out at the library, at the parade, scoring loads of candy; running through the mister, getting our face and hair painted, and eating Walking Tacos.

We managed to have a great time until the pony rides. Aviana sorely wanted a pony ride, even though our neighbors have ponies and ride down a couple times a month and offer rides to the girls. And even though they were slow getting set up, and the toddler sorely needed a nap, we waited. And waited.

In our group we were set to be second, and all the children get to choose the pony they wanted.

Aviana, my high needs, intense child chose her pony right away while we were in line. And wouldn’t you know, when it came time to get in the ring and stand by the pony of your choice, the only little girl in line ahead of us wanted the exact same pony.

Aviana started screaming and crying, literally having a fit and falling in it. We were in the ring completely surrounded by the line of waiting children and their parents, who have nothing else to do but watch the children ride the ponies, or in this case, watch our four year old daughter have a massive tantrum. Kevin and I were ready to make her just forget it and lift her over the fence, but the pony girl took pity on her and got her calmed down faster than I would have been able to, and even got her to smile.

Toward the end of the ride, the pony girl told the children, “One more time around and we’ll be all done.” Then it was time to get off, and Brielle, my stubborn and strong-willed child, had a tantrum. I had to pry her fingers off the saddle horn and carry her loudly kicking and failing self out of the ring, again under the watchful eye of all these parents and their perfectly behaved offspring.

Now I know we are consistent in discipline. I know we seek the Lord’s wisdom in the raising of our children. I know our home is filled with love, and structure, and fun and learning opportunities, and yes, discipline. I know my children are fortunate to live in this home.


It is still hard in situations like that, because you know many of those parents were judging us, and wondering what kind of crazy house we live in. You know many of them were thinking, “Wow! Glad that’s not my kid!” I’m 100% positive we do a more intentional and more effective job parenting than many of the people there, especially the guy walking his toddler around the pony ring wearing this tee shirt.

In situations like that one, I need a tee shirt that says something like “I do a great job mothering. I don’t know whose kids these are or why they are acting like this!”

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Dessert for Dinner

So I got up enough courage to stop being “mom-ish”, forget about an all balanced diet and eating vegetables, and take a cue from Dear Mrs Hubs who is beyond all coolness and makes her children the envy of the neighborhood by making dessert for dinner once a week.

We made banana splits.

Aviana was pretty sure she wouldn’t like hers until she saw it involved ice cream. And chocolate sauce. And whipped topping!

Miss Brielle was pretty sure she liked hers right from the start.

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It’s Real Life is back

After some maternity leave, I’m pleased to be able to bring you It’s Real Life once again. It’s Real Life is a blog photo fest in which you take pictures of assigned parts of your real life without staging the area, primping or cleaning or picking up. This week’s assignment is “How I Roll”.

Let’s see pictures of your bicycle, your limo, your metropass or your minivan. Got a My Kid’s an Honor Roll Student at Humperdink High bumper sticker? Let’s see it. Do you sport a suction cup Garfield in your back window? Take a picture of that. Do you keep your favorite CD’s in your vehicle? What are they? Do you stash a pair of shoes and a bra in the van because you’re always late for the car pool? Let’s see it. Petrified fries from a Happy Meal last summer? Rocks from your kid’s last visit to the playground? So many dropped raisins and cheerios you could make snack mix from the floor of your car? Let’s see it!

Be ready Thursday! You’ll come back here and grab the It’s Real Life Badge code to post on your blog, sign up with Mr. Linky and we’ll all see How You Roll.

See you Thursday!

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