I have good intentions

I did some laundry today.

One load I forgot on the line. Another load is sitting in front of the dryer waiting to be folded. The third is in the dryer because the basket is full in front of the dryer. One is still in the washer because there are dry clothes in the dryer and the basket is full.
I let Aviana go through her cookbook to choose something to make. She picked animal crackers.

I was pleased she chose a good healthful snack, which I made even more healthy by adding some whole wheat flour and flax seed to them.

Then they were too healthy tasting, so I had to add some sugar.
The girls were helping me SO nicely. They both wanted to roll out the crackers but we couldn’t find Aviana’s rolling pin. They were doing well; I offered to go get it for her.

When I walked back into the kitchen from looking for it out in the playhouse, I discovered Brielle had literally thrown the dough and flour ALL. OVER. the floor.

I picked up the biggest pieces and made the animal crackers anyway.

Only, we don’t have any animal cookie cutters, so really they are mostly pumpkins, apples and stars.
Both my dad and Kevin, when snitching from the piles of animal crackers on the cooling racks, complained they were burned.

I have three piles: pile one=ok, pile two=a little crispy but generally still edible, pile three=for the chickens.

Why they both thought they would eat burned chicken food and then bellyache about it is beyond me.
My mom had checked out some audio books for Aviana which were due today.
We made a trip to the library with the primary goal of returning those CD’s.
We went through the our rather lengthy process of getting out of the house.
I returned huge armloads of books and DVD’s.

I forgot to double check that Aviana actually went upstairs to get the books on CD when I asked her to. (Sorry Mom!)
It was such a nice day, I thought we’d walk over to the grocery across from the library. I needed to pick up potatoes for dinner tonight and M&Ms (Brielle’s potty bribe) and then we could go for a nice little jaunt.

Potatoes were on sale. So were the bargain bags of bananas.

A person doesn’t walk far pushing a double stroller full of a four year old, a two year old, five pounds of bananas and twenty pounds of potatoes with a 17+ pound infant in the sling.

Even if it was a nice day.
Brielle has been wearing cloth diapers and with the M&M bribe staying dry dry dry. Yesterday was day seventeen of being dry dry dry all day.

So today, I told her she could wear her big girl bundies.

Guess what?
And I didn’t make potatoes for dinner tonight either.

I’m very well intentioned.

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Give Back

This is a phrase that really bugs me. Let me tell you why.

(I’m quoting Neal Boortz here)
In the case of “giving back” the premise is that those with wealth did not earn it through hard work and good decision making. They were given that wealth. To suggest that someone should “give back” is to imply that whatever they have was given to them. You can’t “give back” something that wasn’t “given” to you in the first place. Charity is to be commended; but when you give away some of what you’ve actually spent a part of your life acquiring you’re “giving,” not “giving back.”

Ok, me again: You probably learned about “connotations” in English class. For example, look, leer and observe all mean basically the same thing, but have different connotations. The phrase “give back” carries with it connotations. One of which is trying to undermine the concept of individual acheivement.

It’s as if by that phrasology you’re required to give to your community simply because you have more than they do. It’s as if you’re doing something wrong by having more than someone else, and therefore you are obliged to spread your ‘wealth’ around. It’s as if by having something to give, you are somehow taking advantage of someone who doesn’t if you don’t share.

I wholeheartedly think it’s good use of my money to help others. I believe in donating goods, services and monitarily. Two of the organizations I especially love are Compassion and Samaritans Purse. I think it’s important to teach my children the importance of generosity and caring for others. I emphatically think, especially as a Christian, I am being obedient by using the material blessings God has given me to bless others. I believe 100% in tithing.

Because in the end, the only One you can “give back” to, is Him.

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Farm Fresh Daybook

for more daybooks, click on the image above…

My Daybook ~ October 27

Outside My Window … Sunny, blustery, chilly–hopefully a big combining day…harvest is going s.l.o.w.l.y…

I am thinking … how much I love my family

I am thankful for … a visit from my grandma and Aunt Barb from Springfield, Missouri

From the kitchen … a roasted chicken, some chicken noodle soup, and some broth to freeze. My current YUM! is muffins–a chocolate or spice cake mix with 2 c pumpkin, and 1/2 cup water–only 2 points on Weight Watchers and a little party in your mouth. Also White Russian coffee. Deeeelishous.

From the learning rooms … a current 60 piece puzzle obsession, reading our “the Picture Bible” religiously (no pun intended~ ha!)

I am wearing … my grey henley nursing gown with grey lounge pants–still barefoot, although my tootsies are cold! I plan to get dressed soon!
I am creating …postcards to mail out to several companies to have our name removed from mailing/telemarketing lists and the picture alphabet book at winkflash–A is for Aunt, B is for Baby, C is for Cousins ect… but I’m stuck for ideas on J, L, X, and Y…Do you have any good suggestions?


Bringing beauty to my home … a goal of a jog suit free week, and uncluttered counters


I am hearing… Cadrian snoring, and Brielle and my grandma discussing being eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, and Aunt Barb and Aviana cooperatively building a Lincoln Log house, while my dad talks with whomever is paying attention–love multi-generational living!


I am readingBetter Than School–by a homeschooling pioneer


I am hoping … I can get in a walk five out of seven days


Around the house …I found my dining room table!, general maintenence–also a goal to make my bed every day this week


One of my favorite things … talking with my family


A few plans for the rest of the week: MOPS, homegroup, playdates–we’re skipping story hour this week because they are doing a Halloween theme

Here is a picture thought I am sharing~

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Cadrian is three months old!

Actually he is three months and five days so this post is a bit late, but hey who’s counting? He is my third child after all and I’m busy.

Cadrian is absolutely a most delightful baby. He smiles socially when you talk with him and coos adoringly at you. He turns his head to find your voice. If he tried to find Brielle’s voice all the time he’d be turning his head like an owl. Fortunately, the rest of us hold pretty still for him.

He’s at the top of the charts for weight and height. He’s got the most gorgeous melt your hear smile. He’s amazingly strong. He tries to stand when you hold him upright. He can push his head and chest off the floor when he’s having tummy time. He loves to watch his sisters play, until the little one gets right in his face for too long. Then we hear the “Back off, bub!” cry.

He’s trying to grab things and has the exact same “concentration face” his sisters did–with a pursed mouth and focused eyes. He loves attention and will holler at us until he gets some. He’s not crying then, he’s really hollering.

He’s an efficient nurser, and doesn’t nurse for comfort (for hours) like the girls did.

We heard him laugh a couple of times now. The first time was at, naturally, some of Brielle’s antics.

Oh how we love our sweet Baby C.

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Somebody find my brain…

it’s too little to be out wandering around by itself.

Sunday I left the diaper bag over at our homegroup, so I’ve been without all the essentials I keep in there all week.

Tuesday I left my new last year leather jacket at the library. When I realized it was missing this morning, I called, and it’s not in lost and found. Someone walked off with my jacket.

I’m driving myself crazy. Luckily I have not yet misplaced my wallet, phone or one of the children.


Speaking of forgetting: Don’t forget, Tomorrow is our It’s Real Life! There’s still time to make an Introduce Yourself video/photo montage and link up over at Heart of the Matter tomorrow.

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Blog World Meets Real Life

I love blogging.

I started this blog when Aviana was not quite two, and I was quite pregnant with Brielle. I started it for two main reasons 1–so family and friends who didn’t get to see us on a regular basis would be able to keep up with us and see Aviana change (an upgrade from her aboutmybaby website) and 2–as THERAPY!

I’m a very social person, which means one of the biggest challenges of being an at-home parent is the isolation. This is compounded especially since we live way out in the country, and I can’t just grab a cuppa with my neighbor or visit with a friend while walking.

When I was teaching, I was talking with students all day and was guaranteed to talk to my best friend who taught math next door to me every 50 minutes. I got to talk with people all day long.

Then Aviana was born, and I was relegated to being home alone with this screaming infant.

I started writing more to help me process my feelings and to get it out of my head onto paper (or the screen). I took lots of pictures when she was not crying, so I could look at them during peaceful moments and remember it wasn’t always hard. I went to message boards to have a chance to “talk” with someone while I was nursing or holding her, since I had precious few friends at home during the day, and they lived 30-45 minutes away!

I discovered blogs in people’s siggys (signatures on the message boards), and finally decided to start one of my own.

I never imagined that blogging would help me find such a sense of camaraderie, a knowledge that I’m not alone in this, a feeling of belonging to a community. Even though I have never met my bloggy friends, I consider you to be very real friends.

Too, it’s always a little disconcerting when one of my real life friends mentions something she read on the blog or knows all about this or that even though we hadn’t talked about it because she “reads me”. I sometimes forget that very real people are behind my computer screen.

Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend at the library. Coincidentally she is one of two people I know IRL who has a blog. We had attended story hour and were now trying to have a semblance of a conversation among five small people who also wanted to talk with us.

Imagine my surprise when a cute stranger walks up to us.

I look up from nursing the baby, trying to place the vaguely familiar face.
“I’m Lisa!”
Recognition dawns!

We had realized we were from the same area almost a year ago. Even though we have much in common, and knew we would hit it off, and have tried to get together to meet, it hasn’t worked out yet.

Now…we’re bloggy friends and IRL friends.

I’m so pleased.

Aviana had been trying valiantly to get me to read to her, or to me to let Julie read to her but I was trying to get her to go entertain herself. She was, after all, in a building FULL of books. You’d think she could find something to look at! I had told her that we were talking, and she needed to go play.

When Lisa sat down, Aviana asked me, “Now may I ask Mrs. R to wead me a stowry, since you have somebody else to talk wif?

And Brielle has been dry for 5 days in a row! You may remember she was practically potty trained before Cadrian was born, but once he came, she decided she wanted nothing to do with it.

Well. Finally, bribing her with an M & M if she’s been dry and goes in the potty is working.

Yesterday she told me, “Sleeping Beauty wants an M & M.”

“Oh?” I responded, “And where is Sleeping Beauty?”

“In my hand!”

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It’s Real Life assignment!

This week’s theme is “Introduce Yourself!” Here’s the catch (ha! you knew there would be one, right?) You have to do it via VIDEO!

I’ve loved hearing the voices of some of my favorite bloggers lately, and seeing them in action, and I’d love to ‘meet’ you as well.

I’m totally stealing this idea from Heart of the Matter, so we’re doing this in conjunction with their Friday Meme, so you’ll need to link up over there on Friday (that will give you an extra day, lil Miss Procrastinator–yes, I’m talking to you!)

Here’s Angela, to show you how it’s done.

If you don’t have a video camera, that’s ok, play along anyway. Use stills and be creative. And Real~! See you Friday!

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My Daybook

for more daybooks, click on the image above…

My Daybook~ October 20
Outside My Window …still, turning maples, yellow corn, grey blue sky

I am thinking…soon, soon, soon, allergy season has to be over…

I am thankful for …that my sister and my new nephew Eli are healthy and whole
From the kitchen … I’ll be converting some easy Food and Family recipes to low-fat: oh how I love fall comfort foods


From the learning rooms… numbers, fall, animals, poems, thankfulness, this week’s virtue is honesty

I am wearing …yoga pants, a tee shirt from college and a fleece my niece told me was “old, because it’s stained” (but the stain is hardly visible)
I am creating …still working on an alphabet book, finishing up Cadrian’s calendar


Bringing beauty to my home …Finally got the autumn decorations out. Love me some Indian corn!

I am hearing…Cadrian’s swing, and the girls playing “Hard Knock Life” in the kitchen (they’re scrubbing my floor)

I am reading …back issues of Old Schoolhouse magazines, Inside American Education–I’m learning a lot, and as a former public school teacher, I can validate much of what the author says with personal anecdotes and experience
I am hoping …I can get some rest
Around the house … I would like to unbury my dining room table (Have I said this every week?

I think so.)


One of my favorite things …Snuggles and cozying up reading
A few plans for the rest of the week: A library playdate tomorrow, a lunch playdate Thursday, our usual story hour Friday

Here is a picture thought I am sharing~

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