Special Delivery

I love deliveries. I would totally crush on my delivery people if I weren’t already happily married to the hottest guy EVER.

Usually it’s something for the farm. BOOOOOOORRR-ING.

But lately, it’s been fun stuff!! Like this light over my table. Isn’t it super fab? I’ve been wanting to replace the old light over the kitchen table since we moved in five years ago.

And, we also get to replace our other brass and smoked glass chandelier in the living room with this:

We also got some essentials I absolutely love. This detergent line is THE BEST
We give great credit to these vitamins and Omega-3s for our kids health and intelligence. (That and their mom is awesome !*tosses hair back and laughs*)

I also have gotten several books for me and the children lately from PaperBackBookSwap.

I’m still waiting for this dress.

And some more books.

I can’t wait. *rubs hands together gleefully*

I love deliveries.

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My Daybook ~29 June


Outside My Window … gorgeous blue skies, puff ball clouds, cool breeze, absolutely perfect weather

I am thinking … of what I should do versus what I want to do with my evening


I am thankful … that the Lord will work out his plans for my life, for his lovingkindness that continues forever

From the learning rooms … Independence Day, some Revolutionary War, flag history ect.


From the kitchen … sloppy joes, rib eyes, burgers, (gotta eat some BEEF)

I am wearing … khaki shorts, a brown beaded tank over a peach one


I am creating … birthday cards for five July birthdays

I am reading …


I am hoping … Cora’s surgery goes well tomorrow morning (my five year old niece has a tumor-or tumor like growth-in her mouth that is being removed)

I am hearing… birds chirping

Around the house … attack that storage room, and all the other maintenance I regularly do


One of my favorite things …sleeping in cool weather

A few plans for the rest of the week … College roommate here for an overnight, over to my mom’s, over to my sister’s for support during Cora’s surgery, dance class, enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, planning for Kevin’s birthday on Sunday


Here is a picture thought I am sharing~
My college pal and roommate Anne. We have now been friends almost half my life.

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Perfect is in your attitude.

I was just thinking to myself “Today was a perfect day.”

And then I remembered how Brielle was playing in a bucket of water with her Sunday dress on, and got completely soaked. She asks me for permission to dance in the driveway, but ‘forgets’ to ask permission to play in the water.

And how Aviana followed me from room to room literally clinging to me for most of the morning.

And how we visited a new church-an Episcopalian cathedral to be more precise-and we had to do the walk of shame to the nursery back up the aisle with a crying baby and little girls’ dress shoes clattering on the stone.

And how during ‘quiet time’ Brielle woke up me and the baby. And dumped every. blessed. thing. out of her dresser and closet.

And how my dad and I got into a tiff about how well done I like my hamburgers.

But I also remembered the conversations. And the laughs. And the looks filled with meaning and promise. And the inside jokes.

I got the giggles (only once in church though). I got some snuggles. I got plenty ‘o hugs. I got to eat delicious food I didn’t have to prepare, twice! I got to laugh with my husband. I got to play. I got to read. I got to nap. I chatted with a girlfriend on the phone, and with a girlfriend in person in the hammock until way past bedtime. I got some laundry done. I got some picking up done. I got some helping my mom done. I got some lovin’ on my family done.

Yeah. It was a perfect day.

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Maybe they didn’t understand the question.

After reading The Five Love Languages of Children, I thought, even though mine are so young, and even though the author said they probably don’t have a specific one yet, I’ll go ahead and try to figure out which love language is theirs.

I asked Brielle, age 2. “How do you know Mama loves you?”
In that enthusiastic almost too loud voice: “BETUZ I’m So Twute!” (cute)

That was all I could elicit.

It went a little better with Aviana, age 4. “How do you know your Mama loves you?”
She looks at me as if it’s a trick question. “Betuz. You tell me you love me.” The “duh” is implied, but with no disrespect.
I attempt to clarify. “What does Mama do to show you that she loves you?”
Thinks for a minute. “I know you love us betuz you let us climb in the washing machine!”
Pause. “But you only let us do that once. Tan we do that adin tomorrow?!”

19 February 2009–Apparently the best day ever.

When you come over, and I let you climb in our washing machine, you’ll know I really love you.

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Me: on Mothering

Well, it’s 2:20 a.m. Yes. I was so exhausted, that after nursing Cadrian and putting him to bed at 7, (yes, seven) I lay down for a bit and woke up after 11. And now I’m still awake. Nice, huh?

Seeings how it’s the middle of the night, what better time for some philosophical ramblings?Sit and Spin. Bare skin. Rain. It’s a win-win.

One of my philosophies on mothering is that is should be fun. Lots of fun. Spontaneous fun. We sometimes spend an entire morning doing chores, and we sometimes spend an entire morning on the couch reading books. We sometimes break out the glittery tatoos for no reason in particular, or paint butterflies and ladybugs on our faces because it sounds like fun. We sometimes go to the park, sometimes we do crafts, sometimes we play games and we sometimes bake. I have a routine to the day, but I also go with the flow. Sometimes I am stern and sometimes I am gleeful, but it is almost always fun. I want to give my children a magical childhood. One where they grow up thinking that every day is the best day of the year.
Along those same lines, I want to teach my children the joy of the Lord. Joy is something different than being happy. Happiness is temporal. It depends on your mood. If you had a good day, you’re happy. If you had a rotten day, you’re not. It depends on things that happen to you. It depends on the externals of your life. If you focus on happiness, you might think, I’ll be happy when the kids are older and less demanding. I’ll be happy when I have a different job. I’ll be happy if I can just….

Joy is different. Joy is internal. The Joy of the Lord is unable to be taken from you. Trusting Him, knowing He will give me the strength to get through whatever I need to get through, gives me joy.

And speaking of strength, check out those muscles! I think the lacy socks especially, give her that “I’m super tough!” air she was going for.
Most importantly, I want to bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Depending on the translation you prefer, this verse also says “nourish them, bring them up tenderly in Christian discipline, nurture, teaching, chastening, correction, and admonition of the Lord.

This is a tall order being the failed sinner that I am. Thank God for His grace, which I rely on daily. I do the best I can in reaching my children’s hearts. I teach them right from wrong. I encourage them when they do right, and discipline when they do wrong. Discipline doesn’t necessarily equate punishment. Sometimes it does, and while there is always a consequence for our actions, I rely on the Holy Spirit to help me to know what it should be.

I’m not perfect. I mess up. I sometimes am too strict or lose my temper or miss an opportunity for correction, but I live by grace, and so do my children.

The Bible is my guidebook. Among other things, I teach them honesty (lying is listed twice on the List of Seven Things God Hates), patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, compassion, humility.

Right now we’re working on memorizing 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. It’s amazing how many opportunities in a day with a two and four year old there are to say, “Is that kind? Was that loving?” “Did you just demand your own way? Was that loving?” “Are you being patient? Is that loving?”

Of course, I want children who say “please” and “thank you” excuse me” and know how to use their silverware who are fun to be around and who don’t embarrass me in public, but more than life itself, I want children who love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind.

I work on constantly pointing them to God, because He knows, Mama ain’t got nothin’ on Him. That’s what I do.

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My Daybook ~22 June


Outside My Window … HOT. Bright blue skies. HOT. Bright green grass. HOT. Fluffy white clouds. HOT. A warm summer breeze. Did I mention HOT?

I am thinking … I HATE conflict.


I am thankful for … God’s grace and strength to continue on doing this work He has set before me


From the learning rooms … Learning to be loving and kind via 1 Corinthians 13, reinforcing it with our words and actions and the book The Hundred Dresses


From the kitchen … using up the 11 pounds of strawberries I picked Saturday (with the baby on my back, I hasten to add)–1/2 gone already just from eating them!

I am wearing … a white knee length skirt, a bright pink top w/ a light pink nursing underlayer, and right now I’m barefoot, but I was wearing these shoes But rats, they weren’t on sale when I got them!


I am creating … fun scrapbook layouts–I recently did one using the pictures from the Butterfly Palace and one from Mother’s Day: don’t know what I’ll be in mood for next!

I am reading … re-reading Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands for me, assorted magazines…Country/ Simple and Delicious/Our Iowa, The Little House cookbook (and am continually astounded with Ma Ingalls!)


I am hoping … I get to see my beloved grandma as much as possible while she’s here in Iowa for her two week visit

I am hearing… Anne of Green Gables on CD

Around the house … got the strawberry out of assorted articles, drying on the line, floor mopped, dishes done…it’s a start anyway!


One of my favorite things … air conditioning (as long as it’s not too cold, because I have to take a blanket to the movies!)

A few plans for the rest of the week …Park date, listen to my husband’s band tonight, Grandma to my house for an overnight, hopefully a trip to the grocery, brunch here, story hour, Aviana’s first dance class for the summer


Here is a picture thought I am sharing~

My ELEVEN month old baby!

I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that in a scant month, I’ll have a FIVE year old and ONE year old! Come to think of it, he looks an awful lot like that almost five year old.

I don’t think he looks very much like my almost THREE year old, but this picture makes me smile! Real big!

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Making the Best of It

Ach. Yesterday’s plans. In the evening, I had plans to have my MIL come over and babysit, and I would go to Kevin’s band gig. Then Thursday she called to tell me she had accidentally made other plans. Even though I asked her a month ago, and left a reminder note taped to her phone. So I couldn’t go.

Then I decided I would just take the kids with me (it was an outdoor concert at a coffee shop). So I could go.

Then she called Kevin Thursday night to say her dinner plans had been cancelled. So I could go.

Then Friday late morning, Kevin called me to say the coffee shop had cancelled the gig because of the prediction of bad storms. Even though it was sunny and clear. So I couldn’t go.

We talked about taking a road trip to a quaint little vintage restaurant, with a fantastic view of the river but by then it was storming. So we didn’t go.

Kevin decided to get together with the band and practice for an hour while I took a meal to a friend who just had a baby, and we would go out to eat. I also squeezed in a visit all by my lonesome to Michael’s where I just browsed to my heart’s content. I got some scrapbooking ‘necessities’, a learn-to-knit kit for Aviana and me, clay for Brielle, and some other stuff.

Kevin and I had a nice date once we finally decided where to eat.

And in a similar, but unrelated story, I decided to take the kids to the pool for the first time this year. After getting swimsuits, swim diaper, sunscreen, water toys, bucket and shovel, floaties, beach balls, bags, drinks, a snack, a change of clothes, towels and miscellaneous other needed supplies, not to mention my three small offspring, all gathered, applied, donned, packed and hauled out to the van, driving the few miles to the pool, finding a parking place, unpacked and unloaded, and packed back up on the stroller and in hand and down to the pool, they told us the pool was closed for a half hour because they heard thunder. And if they heard it again, it would be closed for the day.

So we walked around the outside of the pool and through the fence admired the things to do, even though we couldn’t do them. We walked up to the swingset and slide and played in the sand.

And by the time we got home it was pouring, so I let the girls run around outside in the rain, and play in the mud.

I still have a ton of mud to clean out of my bathtub and off the floor and the shower curtain, but we made the best of it!

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Uncle Phil: on Marriage

You know how you sometimes get popcorn stuck between your teeth? And it’s bugging you and bugging you and you can’t get it out? And you really like popcorn and just because you get a kernel stuck between your teeth doesn’t mean you like it any less or that you’ll never eat it again. It’s just annoying for that time until you get the kernel out from between your teeth, then your love affair with popcorn resumes! Imagine that times 1000 and that’s what 30 years of marriage is like!

(My 2 year old is my annoying popcorn kernel right now. After a long discipline filled morning, she snuck outside while I was nursing the baby down. She was supposed to be lying on the bed, but instead she’s lying out in the hammock. She’s quiet and not bothering anyone. But she still disobeyed by going outside without permission. Now I have to go deal with that. Sigh.)

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