With Certainty

There are not too many certainties in this world. Today however, I have discovered several of them.

If there is a wet of muddy place any where to be found, the baby will sit in it, especially if you’ve just put him in clean pants.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “how about that, it’s 4 o’clock, and I have managed to get through the day without needing to wash these pants”, the dog will put her muddy paw on you.

If you went outside because it seemed like a peaceful place to write a letter and read your book, two annoying dogs and three energetic children will undoubtedly suck away any visions of quiet you may have been entertaining.

If you think, “everyone is behaving so nicely, this would be a good time to make those brownies I’ve been craving”, the baby will decide it’s time to ear shatteringly picket for his right to be in-arms, and the preschooler will try to soothe him by stewing Cheerios all over the floor Hansel Gretel style in a well meaning but irritating attempt to lure him away from all the leg clinging.

If you tell your preschooler to paint a lovely picture for your grandmother, she will decide that several containers full of sunflower seeds, acorns and leaves would be a better way to cheer said grandmother up.

If you let the baby shake one of these containers, thinking it might temporarily enthrall him, he will manage to pry the lid off with those steely little fingers, naturally,albeit joyfully, flinging seeds, acorns, leaves and random pieces of grass all about the kitchen.

If you were feeling rather smug because you got the house in a lovely tidy condition by 10 a.m. and planned on spending the day joyfully playing, the house will be completely trashed by 4:30 (leaving one to wonder why she didn’t just put her feet up, watch some daytime tv, knit, ignore the grime and the children, and take a nap instead.)

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Outside my window… dark, but it was a beautiful day! I can’ t seem to get on the ‘puter during the day any more.

I am thinking…of how smug I feel about how productive and joy-filled I was today, and I even woke up with a headache. If that isn’t a sign of God working through me, I don’t know what is. 🙂

I am thankful for…a sense of peaceful

I am wearing… yoga capris, a pink layered top, and a fleece.

I am remembering…Aviana: Yesterday was the best day of my life. Today is going to be great too!

I am creating…a line up of layouts to crank out on my 14 hour crop on Saturday

I am going…to spend Saturday in the company of good friends, being creative

I am reading…Bidding for Love–British chick lit I am much enjoying. It sort of makes me want to speak with a British accent. And live in a cottage.

I am hoping…that today is an indicator of how good of a week this is going to be.

On my mind…nothing heavier than how best to spend my evening. Love light thoughts!

From the learning rooms…geology, cartography, weather

Noticing that… the more sleep the baby gets, the smoother my day goes

Pondering these words…Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. ~Art Linkletter

From the kitchen… pork chops, steak, homemade mashed potatoes, cheesy biscuit broccoli, brownies, monkey bread, pb & j pinwheels…planning ahead!

Around the house…establishing morning routines

One of my favorite things…giggling

A few plans for the rest of the week…dinner with friends, DVDs with the hubs, clothing drive, hosting a brunch, dear friends here as weekend guests, and my all day crop!

From my picture journal…

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September through the years.

First day and some other September pictures for good measure.

September 2009
First day of MOMS group
AGGH–it’s too sunny Mama!

Still too sunny, and the baby is in no mood to play along

Well, at least no sun is in our eyes.
Let’s just take the baby out of the equation… Much better!
September 2008
First day of MOPS
No one was really in the mood to play along this day…

Except for him. He was all about the smiles.

How I wish they would have looked on the first day
I could have said this was the first day, you’d never know. But, see, I’m honest like that.
Here are some zebra outfits again. I do love me some zebra!

First day of MOPS

Aaaaaaaand another zebra outfit.




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Sleep. Anyone? Anyone?

I thought our little son was the best sleeper. I thought. Compared to his sisters, it’s actually true. Sleep has always been a struggle at our house when our children are babies and toddlers. My very first blog post was about sleep, and I only had one child then!

This picture is Brielle at 10 months. I was trying to train her to sleep in her crib at nap time. She was by that point sleeping in her crib at night, but she fought her naps so hard, she would make herself vomit (you can kind of see some in the picture if you care to look hard enough). She would cry for 90 minutes and sleep for 30. Not an ideal situation.

I read soooo many books about it, and nothing really seemed to help. Brielle wasn’t really even napping by 14 months. I have sleep horror stories!

So on to Cadrian. He’s a self scheduled baby. He pretty much comes to me at 9 o’clock on the dot to be put down for his morning nap. Same thing at 2 o’clock. He even does it at bedtime too. He’s our first baby to be put to bed awake and who will put himself to sleep. BUT.

He was nursing SO often in the night when he was sleeping with us, I was feeling really tired. Really, really tired. He was 10 months, plenty old enough to sleep through the night. We moved him to his crib, which is in a corner of our room. Ever since then, we have been sleeping in the guest room, and I’ve been getting up with him at 4 o’clock in the morning. (Sometimes he sleeps later, but he’s trained me to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning.) He usually goes back to sleep after nursing, but I can’t.

If we don’t sleep in the guest room, and try to sleep in our own room, he wakes up at least three times in the night. Last night it was five. He will Not Settle without being nursed. He escalates to terrified horror movie shrieks within minutes if he isn’t picked up. I’m beyond exhausted, I tell you.

I am at an utter loss. I am so tired, I’m perma-cranky. I have The No-cry Sleep Solution coming any day now. Maybe you can help me see another solution.

Incidentally, we don’t really have another place for the crib. Our upstairs doesn’t have heat, and anyway all the rooms but the guest room are icky. The guest room doesn’t have room for a bed and a crib. Aviana’s quiet time is also in the guest room, and Cadrian wouldn’t nap if she were in there.

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Daybook–14 Sept


Outside my window… dark, but it was a beautiful day! I can’ t seem to get on the ‘puter during the day any more

I am thinking…of all the things I need to get done in the next hour while I’m still alone

I am thankful for…my mom

I am wearing…frayed but flattering Gap jeans, a Polo tee (a deal from Goodwill!) and fall toenail polish

I am remembering…Aviana: What’s a dot tree? Me: I don’t know. Where did you hear it? Aviana: It’s in the Bible. Me: Really? Can you tell me a little more? Aviana: Yes, when the Isrealites were wandering in the wilderness, God told them not to commit a dot tree.

I am creating…lesson plans and menus and a layout I started Saturday and haven’t been able to get back to it

I am going…to clean up the kitchen…as soon as I’m done with this (and some other stuff)

I am reading…A Greater Glory and The Omnivore’s Dilemma and A PhD in Parenting. I’d also like to recommend Refiner’s Fire, which I read this weekend. It was riveting, and historically accurate.

I am hoping…I feel less restless soon

On my mind…conflict–imagined or real, or real, but I just don’t want to deal with it…cryptic, I know

From the learning rooms…William Tell, the Middle Ages

Noticing that…we have had *perfect* weather for the last two weeks, and I am really missing my husband

Pondering these words…

From the kitchen…mini-cheddar meat loaves, a hot dog roast, steak (gotta use up last year’s beef before this year’s is ready!)

Around the house…trying to FLY

One of my favorite things~the way my nails look in a French manicure.

A few plans for the rest of the week:a haircut, hanging out at a friend’s all day, MOMS group, the requisite library visit…

From my picture journal…

My booted ballerinas

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Clay sculptures by Brielle.

Magnetic Paper Dolls by Aviana
Dancing bracelets by Cora and Aviana
a train–completely independently–by Aviana (I don’t know who drank all that Diet Mountain Dew for the wheels)
Paper weights by Brielle and Aviana
Papier-mâché bowls by Aviana and Brielle
I thought this guy was pretty crafty when he figured out how to reach the grapes!

A bedroom scene, complete with stars, rainbows and angels.

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so little time

I miss blogging. I miss MOPS. I miss free time. I miss scrapbooking. I miss facebooking. I miss doing my nails. I miss leisurely walks. I miss watching trashy tv. I miss reading. I miss lying around. I miss having a cat (but not the allergies or mess). I miss running. I miss pedicures and massages. I miss game nights with my friends. I miss spontaneity. I miss waking up Saturday morning with the day stretching long before me just waiting for me to find something to do to fill it.

sheesh. I’m melencholy today.

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Random Bits and Oddments

Our To-do lists.Brielle’s is rather artfully cut apart and taped together. Aviana’s starts at the bottom and reads up. Cadrian’s isn’t pictured, but it read something like this: Play independently. Catch sight of Mama. Scream. Stop only when picked up and/or nursed. Fuss to get down. Repeat.
I had the worst migraine of my life on Friday. I woke up at 3 a.m. and could NOT got back to sleep. I thought I had it licked in the morning, and even braved taking the kids to the library, but it was back double time by 11 a.m. I’m still having Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from it, I kid you not. Thank God my children are sometimes little angels; they were uber-fab. All I could do was keep them fed, semi-clothed and lay face down in a pillow.

My Handsome Husband when he finally came home from work (and after giving me a stern mini-lecture) saved the day and took me to my chiro’s house. I felt better after being adjusted, and was able to sleep through the night. I got adjusted again Saturday morning, and then by Saturday afternoon, was feeling fine. Practically normal.

Thank you God, for allowing the Power that created the body to Heal the body.
My aunt Barb visited for a couple days from Springfield MO. We went to a park for a picnic and a walk, and it was wonderful.

Sunday, I was able to ditch the kids find someone to keep my wonderful adorable offspring, so I could go to my cousin’s soccer game, out to lunch, and shopping without once having to tell anyone to leave the pepper alone, or to stop crawling under the dressing room doors.
Brielle just started drawing. Up until today she had been scribbling with no decipherable “thing”. Once in a while a spud person would appear. Then *boom* here’s me!

For some reason, it really freaks me out when people refer to microwaving something as “Nuking it. ” First of all, it just seems callous to those who suffered “being nuked”. And secondly, why would you want to eat something you’ve “nuked”!?
Making Mystery Cookies from The Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
I wonder if Aviana is thinking, “Let’s see. One raisin at a time. 2 cups of raisins. This could take a loooooooo-ong time!”

Helper? Not so much.

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