Quick list

*Still not feeling “normal” but at midwife’s recommendation started taking a half tab of Unisom before I go to sleep, and wonder of wonders, the morning-noon-and-early evening sickness is truly disappated!

*Husband being a perfect saint about it, even letting me take naps while he keeps the children from entirely destroying the house

*Totally let my standards lasp and have gone from letting the children watch 1/2 hour or less of television a day to allowing entire movies for no reason

*Haven’t made a meal from scratch in a while, but am eternally grateful for Annie’s All Natural Mac and Cheese

*Got to go to the library by myself this afternoon and indulged myself in tons of juvenile literature I somehow missed (or have completely forgotten ) the first time around like The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

*Read an interesting article about ADHD/ADD being a diagnosis of convenience for schools treating children like cogs in an education factory and less a diagnosis of what is truly best for the child. An interesting thought provoking point of view.

*Aviana likes to set up a photo studio and take pictures of anyone who will cooperate. And even of those who don’t.

*Amazed by my children. Cadrian has now mastered the art of crib vaulting, which is quite problematic at 5 in the morning. Brielle is such a busy, never sit still type of girl, moments like this astound me

And Aviana is so completely compassionate it makes my heart ache.
I am so wonderfully blessed–His mercies never fail. He overwhelms me with His loving kindness.
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SO–Aviana is 5 1/2. She was so excited to be 5 1/2 I baked her a lovely light luscious delectable mocha layer cake. She delighted in frosting it herself. We had the grandparents and cousins over and had a wonderful time. Grandparents love to be Grandparents. I thought the whole “1/2” thing was a little silly, but she was SO thrilled to be 5 1/2. The Grandparents however were as thrilled as she was! Her grandma got her a card and two dollars for her pony fund and her Gigi brought her her very own plate sized cookie (which her mama won’t let her eat most of)! They LOVED it!

MMMMM to the homemade buns and zesty burgers and broccoli casserole and baked potatoes we ate. I know because there aren’t any leftovers! Drat.

SO–Cadrian is now 18 months. A year and a half! He’s so much my baby, but he’s getting so big! *wipes a tear away*

He’s also FULL of It, as you can see here during the Great Frosting Caper of ’10.

SO–I’ve been thinking a lot about cell phone use and its inherent dangers. It’s interesting to say the least. Verrrry verrry interesting. One should be informed.

SO–I finished my first pair of baby booties. I still have to get a double ended needle to make the I-cord ties. Aviana sewed one of them together and did a better job than I did, I think. I was quite impressed by her skills!

They were supposed to be for my cousin’s new baby coming next month. However, they fit the above mentioned 18 month old. As it turns out, a size 4 needle is not the same thing as a 4.0 mm needle. Huh. Go figure.

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Daybook –18 January

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Outside my window… white–it was so foggy today I couldn’t see the road from my house

I am thinking… what do I really want to do with the evening stretching out before me that’s all my own?

I am thankful for… spaghetti sauce in a can, frozen vegetables and ready to cook noodles

I am wearing… The same jeans I’ve been wearing for a week since they are the only ones that seem to fit and my oversized college sweatshirt

I am remembering… “Mama, I want to pack up my marbles and The Little Engine that Could to send to Haiti, for the children who don’t have any toys.”

I am going… on a playdate, to MOMS group,

I am reading… finished the books from last week for the most part–also read Those Who Save Us (It is a tale of a mother and a daughter, of the mother’s struggles as an Ayran woman during Nazi Germany. It was intriguing and enlightening, truly a gripping story, one that really makes you think, but in the end too graphically sexual to recommend. Some might say it’s real, raw and was really the horrors of what it was like then. I took the recommendation of a trusted librarian–but I regret I did as I still have the haunting images in my head.)

I am hoping… to get caught up on my sleep. I. Am. Exhausted.

On my mind… That book! I wonder what I would do to save my child.

From the learning rooms… Dr. Dolittle, immigrants, pioneers

Noticing that… I really need to epilady. My legs are starting to look like Mo’Nique’s.

Pondering these words… Do we live in a nation where men are judged by the content of their character?

From the kitchen… probably 1/2 a cake for Aviana’s 5 1/2 birthday on Thursday.

Around the house… I still have a Christmas tree to take down

One of my favorite things… when the house is quiet and no one is talking to me

From my picture journal…

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We’re ordering a whole hog!

I’m pretty stinkin’ excited about that because I love me some pork.

Pork chops every week for a year.Bacon. Pork roasts. Bacon. Pork sausage. Bacon. Ham. Bacon.
LOVE. ME. Some. Pork.

I set a goal to myself to use my crockpot at least once a week in 2010.

Whoo-hoo! Totally rocking that goal.

(If you’re thinking, “it’s only the second week in January, Jessica” I have two words for you.

Shut. It.)
Cadrian now has three words to his vocabulary.

Da! (Dada) HhhhhoT! (hot) and UP!

At almost 18 months, he never fails to get his needs and wants across, and he is all boy, so I’m not worried about his seeming deficit in the verbal department. Coming after little miss Brielle, it’s almost a welcome change.
We got our upstairs landing redone, and are having the kitchen repainted!

Good-bye green plaid wallpaper and funky office ceiling and gross single bulb lamp with strange green velvet shade.

Hello gorgeous “rainforest dew” walls and perfectly ordinary ceiling and gorgeous chandelier that matches the one at the bottom of the stairs.

Yes, we still have the green shag carpet. *shrugs* I joyfully take what I can get.

Good bye thirty year old kitchen paint. Hello clean and shiny!

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Ah. The children are all outside playing with Dada. I love winter. He has time to play.

It has been a long day. Everyone was screaming and fussing first thing this morning. That level of noise and defiance is hard to bear any time of day, but it’s especially dreadful first thing in the morning. And it seemed to last forever.

In a way, the hysteria is hysterical. Aviana completely losing it because her lego staircase won’t stay together. Cadrian stomping and screaming and clapping because I won’t hold him while I commence my day. Brielle whining because she wants juice or a shake and nothing else will do. I can’t help but laugh at my children sometimes–partially just to maintain my sanity.

I wonder if God is ever tempted to laugh at me. I mean, He breathed the stars into being and created the Mariana Trench and I’m stressing because we lost a library book. It helps me put it all in perspective and let go a little.

Like when I discovered Cadrian gleefully tossing plant dirt all over the living room while I was reading to the girls two feet away, I didn’t even freak.

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Daybook 11 jan

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Outside my window… white–the sky is white, the ground is white, the trees are white. A few have shed their snow coats to break up the monotony

I am thinking… of everything I need to get done that I really don’t want to do–mop, pick up, clear off the dining room table. I’m pretty much “done” for the day and it’s only 3 o’clock. *dramatically wipes sweat from her brow*

I am thankful for… seeing so much of my husband

I am wearing… Gap jeans, purple leather slippers, red l/s tee with black wrap around sweater

I am remembering… how I need to write down all the funny things I hear each day

I am going… to Bible study

I am reading… finished World War Z, reading Food Inc, The Incorruptibles, Organic Body Care Recipes, Knitting for Baby and Fast Food Nation

I am hoping… this living room will clean itself

On my mind… how busy everything seems to be and how tired I am even though I feel like I’m not doing much of anything at all

From the learning rooms… Bible

Noticing that… God is helping me how my kids best feel loved

Pondering these words… Success is a series of daily little efforts.

From the kitchen… chicken divine–something for “taco Tuesday” tomorrow, beef on Wed, slow cooker on Thursday, pizza on Friday–Flylady is helping me narrow down my ‘menu’

Around the house… getting our upstairs updated!

One of my favorite things… relaxing

From my picture journal…

At the Farmer’s Market on Saturday; we bought honey, cheese curds, and homemade shampoo/body gel and shea butter (it was easier than making anything from the Organic Body Care Recipes book–inexpensive too)

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Daybook 4 January

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Outside my window… dark and cold

I am thinking… about my Christmas card picture…for NEXT year!

I am thankful for… not being on the show Hoarders!

I am wearing… black fleece lined pants, a long sleeved Christmas tee and a blue zip up hoodie

I am remembering…being barefoot not too long ago

I am going… as few places as possible since it’s bitterly cold and my wee ones are still recovering from the big whoopdeedoos–but since my How to Knit book is overdue, I am going to the library for sure

I am reading… incredibly between books right now, but my holds should start rolling in any minute

I am hoping… to not start the day tomorrow with a thousand decibels, like we did today

On my mind… getting ready for MOMS group on Thursday

From the learning rooms… Twig, going to start Doctor Dolittle

Noticing that… I’m getting better about loving the moment.

Pondering these words… In the end, what affects your life most deeply are things too simple to talk about. ~Nell Blaine

From the kitchen… homemade bread, soups, comfort Warm foods.

Around the house… putting away Christmas. “Mama, but Twistmas isn’t over!” “It isn’t?” “NO! There’s still snow on the dwound!”

One of my favorite things… reading with my children; with no interruptions!

From my picture journal…

Only the top of the line in medical professionals for Farm Fresh Mama

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