Brunch at my house

18 little ones.
2 bumps.
6 mamas.
A driveway cum minivan lot.
Monkey bread.
Egg casserole.
Banana bread.
Acini de pepe salad.
Absolutely no leftovers, (luckily I set aside plates for Kevin and my mom, or they wouldn’t have gotten any lunch.)
A modicum of conversations above the general hubbub.
Knowing you have women by your side who completely understand.
And a completely clean kitchen (only 4 1/2 hours later!)
And in other, completely unrelated news, I am ridiculously excited about my new recipe box I ordered on Etsy. Maybe one day, my grandchildren will be going through these same recipes asking me to help them learn to cook and bake. Maybe they’ll get all nostalgic after I’ve gone to be with Jesus because of the recipes in my handwriting. Maybe they’ll have to do a coin toss to see who ends up with Grandma’s precious recipes. Maybe.

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You may not want to read this post because I’m about to get a little bragadocious.

I woke up, for the 2nd or 3rd time at 7:56. By 8:26, all four of us (the three chickadees and me) were out of their pajamas, with clean faces and combed hair and we were on our way to MOPS.

We all went to the grocery store, getting everything on the list and forgetting nothing, and although I did start to sweat a little when Cadrian was dangling precariously between the edge of the the window of the truck cart and the check out lane beside us, and Brielle decided to whine the ENTIRE time we were in the check out, we all made it home in one piece.

And then, my coup de force, after dragging in all the groceries and making lunch in the speed of light, I… (are you ready?)

( you might want to sit down for this)

I hung up the hose.

Yes. You read correctly. All by myself.

Yes, I’m still panting a little, and my arms are sore, but I hung up our gigantic, extra long length, super farm duty, enormously heavy, so-big even my brawny husband said he wouldn’t have done it, hose on a hook that was over my head all. by. myself.

I’m going to go bask in my glory for a bit. Feel free to bring me lemonade or random tokens of your admiration.

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Going with the flow

The plan today may as well have not been a plan. Oh well.

When you’re going to drive a good half hour to go to a garage sale you saw listed on your message board, it’s a good idea to double check the dates.

Also, it’s a good idea to remember where you’re going in the first place and not drive another half hour out of your way simply because you weren’t paying attention.

We had planned to go to the library for a home school open house. Apparently, an open house from 10-12 is really more of a suggestion, because everyone was shutting down and cleaning up when we arrived at 11:30. They were apologetic about it, but I still didn’t get to meet other home school moms in the area, which is what I thought I would be doing.

I did get to meet one, which is better than nothing, right?

Since the children were dealing well with all the disappointment, we went to visit the museum briefly, so that turned out all right for them.

And then I saw a street full of garage sales on the way home and did snag some clothes for the boy.

And even though he protested mightily his nap, he’s finally quiet and asleep. The girls are content upstairs in their quiet times. I am going to read for fun.

When it rains on your parade, you may as well dance in it right?

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And a better day it was too!

Everyone was feeling better today–Thank you Jesus!–including me.

It was SUCH a relief that Brielle was back to herself. That whining was not at all tolerable. Plus I felt bad she felt bad! Cadrian still seemed to have some digestive issues, but he was eating again and acting happy and non-clingy. And Aviana was truly a joy.

We actually got into town. I bought some miscellaneous ‘necessities’ at Michael’s, then went next door to get the girls new swimsuits. Of course they had to pick the ones that look like tutus. Always frilly, my little farm girls.

And what’s a trip to town without a stop at Chic-fil-a? Or a quick jaunt to the scrapbooking store?

This afternoon, we had a version of quiet time during which Aviana did some school. I’ve started getting some of her materials for next year, and she can’t wait until next year.

After Cadrian woke up, and Aviana left for Good News Club, I could barely keep my eyes open. Whew! I never know when that exhaustion wall is going to hit me, but when it does, look out!

I got a rough draft started for our Super Summer Challenge, as well as a template made for our 21 Meals. I decided to stop figuring out what we’ll have to eat every night, and just have a three week rotation of basically the same meals. Hopefully it won’t get too monotonous.

I let Brielle watch some PBS, while I watched Cadrian explore his world out of doors.

Now, speaking of PBS, I’m going to watch Food Inc for the second time (it’s on at 8 for those of you in CST, 9 in the East, and I have no idea when you Mountain and Pacific people watch!) I highly recommend you view it.

And I’ll probably knit while watching. At least until I get to the point (I’m nearly there) where I don’t understand the directions anymore.

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Some days are just like that…

even in Australia.

I love that book.

More than that, I have been trying to count my blessings.
Count my blessings, name them one by one.
Count my many blessings, see what God has done.

Yes, perhaps I have had more than my fair share of diarrhea today with 2/3 of my children suffering some stomach ailment, but at least I don’t have to worry about them dying from it.

Perhaps I don’t get to go to the home school conference I was looking forward to, but at least I have the freedom to educate my children at home.

Perhaps my husband and I haven’t really seen each other this week, but at least I know how much he loves me and our family and how hard he works for us.

Perhaps I haven’t been feeling the best, but at least I am not bedridden and can still take (mostly) good care of my family, and I’m grateful to be having another child.

Yes, perhaps people close to me may disapprove of me and my choices, but at least most of my loved ones know me and support me.

Perhaps the whining is still echoing in my head, but at least I have some time to myself now.

Perhaps I was disappointed with some people I’m trying to buy stuff from on eBay and Etsy, but at least they are going to rectify the situation and I can buy the items in the first place.

Perhaps I had a temper tantrum today and acted like a spoiled child, but at least my children were quick to forgive me and love me regardless.

Yes, perhaps this was not the best day in the world.

But after all, tomorrow is another day.

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Twenty weeks

Halfway there–although–the bell curve of pregnancy says that 42 weeks is perfectly normal. I’m due anywhere from 21 August to 18 September, but I’m just saying I’m due “Labor Day”.

Because it’s fun and I like the pun.

Supposedly, I’ve gained about 8 pounds, but it looks to me like a loh-ot more. I really scared myself when I accidentally caught sight of naked me the other day.

The baby, according to a fairly funny site I hadn’t seen before, weighs approximately 10-11 ounces and is about 6 inches long, which is about the same size as a can of Red Bull, which has way too much caffeine for a pregnant woman to be drinking.

We may be thinking about a name that doesn’t begin with D… a friend told me about this research study, which may or may not be a bunch of hooey…

But then again, why mess up a good thing?

Overall, baby and mama are doing well. Baby is active; I feel him/her every day, often. I’m more tired with this pregnancy than I remember with my others. But that stands to reason–I’m two years older and have another child to take care of.

My allergies have kicked into high gear, with a lovely asthmatic cough to contend with on top of the rest, but with good nutrition, herbs and Big Pharma, I’m getting it under control. I didn’t realize until I saw that picture of myself that it shows all over my face.

Off to bed–sweet dreams, world!

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I put nail stickers on the girls today for being super duper trooper helpers today. They loved it.

And then, my wonderful sister-in-law came over and hung out with the children for five hours so I could get a haircut, go spend my Gymbucks, get a pedicure (thanks to my husband who got me the gift card for our anniversary in November–last year!–), and go to the grocery all by myself!

I got Aviana her watch on my little excursion–she is beyond thrilled to pieces.
The tile I’m standing on is what we’re thinking of having installed in our entire kitchen, replacing the beige you can see here in the prep area of the kitchen, and the beige carpet in the eating area of the kitchen. What thinks you?

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Clearly, a great success

My pudding-painting-four-wafers-and-fruit for supper idea seemed to be a big hit, even though they didn’t really eat any. Hopefully, they won’t wake in the night with growling tummies…

Brielle complained, “Too much sweets!”
Cadrian would get too much pudding on a strawberry and nearly gag and spit it out.
Aviana ate only her apple and strawberries.

Funny, I just learned today that this pudding has less (by half!) sugar than the yogurt I thought was so healthful for them! Guess I’ll have to go back to making it.

Which I last did in January.

And by the way, if you make yogurt in January and then discover it at the back of the fridge in April, don’t put it down the sink, because it really, really smells. Really.

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