Welcoming Baby D

Last Tuesday 24 August I woke up feeling a little…odd. I had had a few contractions throughout the night and early morning that were definitely something, but still not really anything. It was enough however, to prompt me to say to Kevin before he left for work that I truly thought today would be the day. He, on the other hand, thought it was just wishful thinking on my part.

I kept having strong contractions that followed no real pattern throughout the morning. It was surreal thinking I was in labor, and still just going about the daily business of life; caring for my children, hanging clothes on the line, reading stories, returning emails. About 11:30, I pulled up ContractionMaster and showed Aviana how to use it, so all I had to do was holler at her to “Push start!” when one would flow over me.
I also called my mom and my midwife to tell them to be on high alert. My mom believed me and went to work prepared to leave when she got “the call”. My midwife took a Kevin approach of “this could go on for a long time”, and wasn’t really thinking that 38 weeks 3 days, I was really going to have the baby today. (She told me this after I had the baby, she was super encouraging whenever I spoke/texted her.)
When Kevin came in for lunch at about one, I told him I was in labor, the contractions were varying from 8-15 minutes apart. He still didn’t believe me! He told me he had hay to mow, and the baby needed more time to bake. I told him I couldn’t help it, I was pretty sure the baby would be born today.
By that time, the contractions did start coming closer together, and the evidence convinced my skeptic of a husband. I would lie down and stretch out when I had one, vocalizing low and long and breathing out “Oh baby, baby, baby, baby” because I really wanted to meet our little one and wanted to encourage him or her to come on out.
He began making phone calls asking for people to pray for us and our baby, while I finished up some last minute things–like getting baby clothes out of storage, making a birthday card for my cousin, random odds and ends. Cadrian was down for his nap, and the girls were quietly entranced in the atmosphere. We called Kevin’s mom at work to come get the younger two around three, when Cadrian would most likely be awake.
My mom arrived around three. The midwives got here around 3:30. After talking for a bit, and sitting through a few more contractions, they checked me. I was dilated to 9 centimeters. My midwife said that probably my water would break soon and I would start pushing. Everything was calm and peaceful. I continued to lie down and stretch out during a contraction wave and then be up and normally conversing and laughing between them.
Kevin’s mom called to say she was stopping at the store first, and got here around four. I don’t think she realized how imminent birth was, as I looked so normal, standing there in the kitchen chatting with her. Brielle and Cadrian left with her a few minutes after four. I wandered back into the living room, where the midwives had covered everything with plastic sheeting and chux pads.
I lay down on the couch to have another wave and with a small sigh, my water broke. I rolled off onto the floor, and rested alternating with writhing my head in Kevin’s lap for the next couple of contractions.
Then, for me, things got really intense. It seemed like if I wasn’t pushing, I was contracting in the front and I couldn’t get away from the all consuming force of the birth. I roared. I brayed. I thought to myself, “Boy, I can really let go and get primal!” I grunted and roared some more.
It seemed like it never stopped until finally I felt the head come out, I got to pause, then I pushed out the rest of the baby, heard my mom exclaim “It’s a boy!” and at 4:20 we met our son.

He weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces, measured 21 inches, and features a perfectly round head of dark hair, eyes that will melt your heart, great suckling instincts, a dolphin rivaling range of squeaks and skin so soft you can barely feel it.
Aviana was intently watching the entire thing. She was enthralled with the entire process and loved being part of welcoming Baby D. His name is Denton Leroyce. Denton, we just liked, Leroyce is my dad’s name with a ce added for originality and to make it sound like Kevin’s mom’s name to boot.

We are so thankful for our precious gift from God.

*This story will be continued, as I had some pretty severe complications after the birth.*

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Birthday Party 2010

I had so much fun planning this party. I thought the girls could be fairy princesses and the boys could be Peter Pan. I learned a lot more about geometry making these hats than I ever did in school.

Most of the party goers.
My man and little Pan.
We set up the yard into several play and activity stations. Aunt Barb helped keep things flowing at the Fairy House Painting station.

Amelia and other moms helped at the Fairy Floats station. I wasn’t sure that our homemade bubble solutions were going to work, but leaving them over night was the key. They turned out great and this very well could have been deemed most popular station.

Of course, all the backyard games were a big hit as well:


the homemade teeter-totter

the tire swing

and of course, hooping.

We had a Make a Flower Friend station…

Uncle Corydon was in charge of the Face Painting station. He did a superb job.

We grilled out burgers and hot dogs and had all the trimmings, accompanied by way too many flies–one of those farm drawbacks.

We had cakes–I made the white ones and the all the icing, (I still have icing leftover should you want to come over for a spoonful :-)) Amelia made the chocolate, and my dad made strawbaby, chocolate AND vanilla ice cream.

The white cakes were really not white cakes–thanks to Whisk Kid’s blog and my friend Wendy tipping me off to it.
These were so fun and easy to make; I felt like Willy Wonka the whole evening. Plus I think I should be getting bragging rights because, technically, I made TWELVE cakes that night.
And, they were delicious. I’m confident, if given the chance, I could have eaten an entire one, over the course of a few days, all by myself.

Special thanks to my brother’s girlfriend Kate for being my roving photographer. I was able to enjoy the party so much more since I wasn’t always thinking about “getting the shot”.

I think some of these pictures were also my sister’s, so thanks to her too! And many many thanks to all our family and friends who came and helped so graciously and made our party the super fun time it was!

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Apparently it has been MORE than a week since I last posted…How did that happen?!

The interim was filled, filled, filled with stuff I really want to tell you about, but I also need to satiate my need for card making, sewing, knitting, watching trashy shows on-line, cranking out not one but TWO scrapbook layouts for the first time in like, forever, and of course, mothering and wifing.

*We threw an incredible birthday bash for our three cherubs and a super fun fantastic time was had by all.

*Much time was spent readying for said bash.

*Pictures will be shared if I ever get them off the camera.

*My lovely adorable sister and her four cherubs are here for a 10 day visit from Colorado and we’re trying to squeeze as much time with them as possible out of the allotted 10 days.

*My handsome hunk of a brother and his equally comely sweetheart were here from St. Louis.

*My wonderful aunt and charming cousin and sweet other cousin were also here for a lengthy visit.

*I was given the most beautiful meaningful Blessing Way in all the world.

*I also fought off a three day two adjustment killer migraine within the past week.

*Among sundry other topics I would very much like to get sidetracked by is the fact that I am VERY VERY ready to have this baby. I’m trying really hard to maintain a positive outlook and still enjoy the bringing of the light, but I am so OVER being pregnant. And I’m only 37 weeks.

*This pregnancy could very well last over a month longer.

Oy. Vey.

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35 weeks pregnant at 35 years old

(Note to self: do your belly shot at the beginning of the day, before the heat and exhaustion catch up with you and show on your face.)

**Many thanks to the Mothering message boards for some of these great ideas**

You know you’re in the third trimester when…

You notice small pieces of toddler-related debris on your floor, but UGH…it’s just not worth bending over for the tiny stuff. Cheerio, I guess you’ll be there until September.

Getting out of bed is a five minute process requiring the courage of a Warrior, or at least a Hero (but those are getting scarce in these parts).

There is no longer a difference between waddling and walking. You’re just happy you can motate (but you do hope no one is watching).

You commandeer the children’s new pool. And still feel hot.

You push feet out of your ribs on a regular basis.

You’re contemplating seeing your chiropractor three times a week.

Getting up off the floor requires crawling towards the nearest piece of sturdy furniture and a prayer.

Your husband feels so sorry for you he hired you a cleaning lady.

Washing the kids’ hair in the bathtub feels like an aerobic work out.

You have to sit down to get dressed because you can no longer stand on one foot.

Your belly moves around independently of its owner.

You can no longer sit in some booths.

In too soft of chairs, your belly is actually sitting on your lap.

You have to take photographic proof for your out-of-town aunt that you actually still have a lap.

Every time you pass the restroom, you shrug and say to yourself, “Eh, I may as well…”

You stand in front of your closet and its dwindling supply of clothes that still fit and wonder “Do I really have to get dressed AGAIN today?”

You are low energy, and high grumpy.

You wonder whose crazy idea it was to plan a birthday party on Sunday for 40ish people at nine months pregnant, and then remember, “oh yeah, mine.”

You lie there for 10 minutes planning how you’re going to roll over, knowing your sacrum will pop excruciatingly, before you actually work up the nerve to do it.

You always ask the children to pick up anything from the floor that needs picking up because to do it yourself would require just too much effort.

You misplace your toddler. Then you feel a bump on your leg. Turns out he was under your belly the entire time.

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Birthday Surprise

My dear husband outdid himself this year. He arranged for the kids to stay the night with Grandma, and whisked me away to a surprise getaway. All he told me was to pack my toothbrush.

I forgot our toothbrushes. And a comb.

Oh well, packing three kids for the night, and packing us for unknown locales can be quite the hullabaloo.

We went to a charming B&B about an hour away. The breakfast was scrumptious and the accommodations perfect. It was decorated in the Victorian style of “too much is not enough” and the owners were as sweet as could be.

We then went and looked at furniture, did a little dreaming, and he promised to buy me some new stuff. Fun times!

After returning home, I took a little rest while Kevin took Aviana on a date to see “Annie”; the local theatre’s production. Then I picked up the other kids and we went over to our dear friends for some birthday fun and frolic.

At nine-months pregnant, I’m not really frolicking much these days, but I did take pictures of other people frolicking.

And all the Facebook birthday well wishes, birthday cards, birthday songs and
birthday emails made me feel incredibly special!

At 35 weeks pregnant and turning 35, a girl needs as much special as she can get. Thank you.

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