**What would be good punishment for a tree? Like one that totally punched out my tail light and smooshed up my bumper?

**Gonna sew a new diaper bag because I can’t even zip the one I have. I need to figure out what pockets I need to sew on the lining and divider. Any thoughts?
Current Contents:
several size 1 diapers
change of clothes for Denton
several size 4 diapers
nursing cover
baby blanket
assorted pens
changing pad
warm footie socks in case I go to someone’s house w/ cold floors
Seriously, that’s all I can think of that’s in that thing–why won’t the bag zip? Here’s the bag I plan to attempt. It’s from Anna Maria Horner’s book Handmade Beginnings.
**I’m considering making my first quilt, also from this fabulous book.
**Denton’s basically 11 pounds. 1 month old. Awesome. He smiled at me on his one month birthday. I was thrilled.
**Especially because I had mastitis, and was super duper sick and pretty much was sure I was going to die. Prayer and antibiotics have done the trick to bring me back from the brink.
**I have since learned that in some cases, royal jelly can be used in lieu of antibiotics. Biotic means “life”–anti “life” is just not that encouraging. I hate that I am on antibiotics.
**Is it a coincidence that mastitis has the word “tit” in it?
**Yesterday Grandma had the girls, so the boys and I went to church and then made a relatively quick stop at Target. When Aviana was two and Brielle was my baby, I thought, “Wow! Super store with two kids; what a chore, what a challenge, what an arduous undertaking!”. Now, with a two year old and my baby being half of what I would normally take to the store, I think, “WOW! Super store with two kids; what leisure, what liberty, what a profligate privilege!”

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Entertainment for all…

Or at least for us!

Aviana learned some Chinese jump rope today, transporting me back to my elementary school days.

My 2 and 4 year olds were exceedingly entertained by a bug.
In other news, Denton was fussing. Aviana said, “Maybe he wants to nurse” (which seriously, is almost always a safe bet).
I groused a little, “Well, I just nursed him.” But sure enough he latched on, and quieted.
Aviana sort of muttered under her breath, “Huh. Taking advice from a six year old.”
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What. A. Great. Morning.

Everything today was ideal. How often does THAT happen?

Brielle has been on an “every-other-day-I’ll-be-as-naughty-as-I-wanna-be” kick for the last couple of weeks. It’s exhausting to say the least, but fortunately, she gives me a reprieve on the good days and today was a very good day.
Denton ate and slept in the wrap with no fussiness in between.
Cadrian listened and came when he was called (which is a miracle sent straight from God to me!)
Aviana was golden and didn’t complain about being too hot or too cold or that she wanted more or she wanted more or that she wanted more. (We’ve been really working on an attitude of gratitude, as ‘wanting more, different and better’ has been a theme lately!)
We went to a flower garden and helped make apple cider. We got to drink it and eat homemade cookies. We got to pet a silky chicken named Josaphine and an adolescent duck named Waldo. We made some new homeschooling friends and went on a picnic with them. The mamas chatted and the children played amicably.
I got a package in the mail, some nice messages and came home to a clean house.
Now it’s quiet time, and I’m looking forward to pizza for dinner, which I don’t have to cook, and watching a movie with my Handsome Husband after the kids are in bed.
What a great day! Thank you God!
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Because Laughing is Good for You.

**Passing by a group of tough football players kneeling in a circle, listening attentively to their coach, my four year pipes up from the back seat, “Must be story hour for the football team!”

**Aviana said she wishes she had a really fancy name. Like Grace.
**Brielle wanted to be the one to announce to Aunt Connie Denton’s arrival. She told her, “You will be so dewighted–we have a baby brother!”
**Aviana asked Grandma for a Bible to take to Good News Club. Grandma asked her, “Which version?” Aviana thought for a second, and replied, “The whole Bible.”
**Brielle saw a picture of Denton on the computer’s screen saver. “He’s cute! Is he ours?”
**Aviana: You know what I’m thinkin’?
Dada: What?
Aviana: (quite seriously) I’m asking you to tell me what I’m thinkin’!
**Brielle, on roaming the halls at the chiropractor’s office: I’m old enough to know better than to go walking around in the hallway, but Tadrian isn’t so I have to set a dood example for him.
**After getting a scolding, Aviana tearfully told me, I knew what Brielle was doing was wrong, but it looked so fun I couldn’t resist!”
**Brielle: Mama, will you supervise my take? (cake)

**Aviana: I’m going to pretend to be a chandelier.
**Brielle: Why tan’t we do anyfing to our eyes?
Me: Like what?
Brielle: Wike put a toofpick in one!
**Aviana: I think saying “hath” makes you a better singer.
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woefully neglected

That’s what this blog is…and a lot of other things too.

I’m reconciling myself to a month old pedicure, no nail polish, a dye job that’s a couple of months behind, toys that NEVER get properly put away, being satisfied with sending e-cards in lieu of “real” ones, laundry that is always in some state of flux, dishes that are never done, and who am I kidding, boobs that never get put all the way away either.
Meanwhile, I am getting out of the house, for which my sanity is eternally grateful. In addition to church today and last Sunday, I’ve made a MOMS group meeting and a home school picnic. I made some new friends and thoroughly relished my time with old chums too.
Kevin and I also took the wee boy on a dinner cruise. We met up with some friends and had a most enjoyable evening catching up.
Since we don’t go to a brick and mortar school, we traditionally take our “First Day of” picture on the first day of MOPS, but, alas I’m not in MOPS this year since MOMS group has to meet on the same day, and so the tradition changes. As do these children!
Brielle, age 4, pre-K
Aviana, age 6, 1st grade

Cadrian, age 2, a bit of this and that nursery school

We’ve just been living life. Trying to love life, even if I am a bit bleary eyed and uber forgetful these days. We’ve enjoyed the autumnesque weather, even if it was a tad sunny this day! :-)!
We’ve played some games. We’ve been pirates.
We’ve read. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve changed a lot of diapers and onesies and sheets. We’ve had fevers. We’ve anointed oil and prayed and healed. We’ve watched a lot of Gilmore Girls (well, just me, being the we).
I’m trying to instill obedience and not allow arguing. I’m trying to be patient. I’m trying to drink more water. I’m trying to be ok when I have to nap. I’m trying to remember that being a mama is my favorite thing in the world!
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