Gratefulness 22

I’m grateful that when one kid seems to have an off day, it’s usually just the one kid.

I’m grateful for a tasty twist on a kid classic.

I’m grateful for nursing.

I’m grateful for potty training getting somewhere–although, this child may be going pantsless for the rest of his life.
I’m grateful for the sense of humor that always was and continues to be a thread that weaves around and knits together the people in this family.
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Gratefulness 21

I’m grateful for my Handsome Husband taking us out to lunch.

I’m grateful I got to take a nearly three hour nap!
I’m grateful I got to go shopping.
I’m grateful for the gift card my sister gave me that enabled me to go shopping!
I’m grateful for new: sweater, boots, necklace and headband and pants.
I’m grateful I was accompanied by only Aviana.
I’m grateful she was so fun to be with.
I’m grateful for Target’s pre-Thanksgiving sales and coupons, which saved me a bundle.
I’m grateful that even though “Denton” called me screaming his head off while I was in the check out with the most incredibly inept cashier, he was calmed down by the time I got home.
I’m grateful for the act of putting away groceries.
I’m so very grateful for our many blessings.
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Gratefulness 20

I’m grateful for Saturday school.

I’m grateful for date night.
I’m grateful that letting the two year old go completely pantsless keeps him going in the potty & I don’t have to change a single diaper.
I’m grateful for pedicures at home. There is just something sweet about painting teeny tiny toddler toenails.
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Gratefulness 19

I’m grateful for a husband who gives me sovereign silver and juice when I am sick.

I’m grateful for a heroic mom who comes to care for my babies on her day off so I can sleep.

I’m grateful for a 2 month old who takes a three hour nap so I too can take a three hour nap.

I’m grateful for children who mostly abide by Quiet Time Guidelines so I can rest in the dim and watch a movie.

I’m grateful to feel better today.
***And as an aside, having watched TV for the first time yesterday in a long time, I have to add that I am COMPLETELY appalled by the Toyota Highlander commercials. The parents are portrayed as buffoons and the boy is cheeky and disrespectful and in serious need of some Sassy Spray. The tagline of these commercials is “Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to be lame.” There is something seriously wrong with a society who thinks this is acceptable, and worse yet, funny. ***
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Gratefulness 17

Today, I’m grateful everyone is asleep.

I’m grateful I didn’t completely go off the deep end when the bickering and back chat would. Not. Stop.

I’m grateful I had a friend come over this afternoon just to be with me.

I’m grateful my son is so compassionate that when he bonks my nose with his head causing me to reel in pain and see stars, he takes my face in both hands and kisses my aching nose.

I’m grateful the LORD gives his people strength,I’m grateful He blesses them with peace.

I’m grateful for pork roast and potatoes.

I’m grateful my daughter apologizes for “acting wike a bwat.”

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Gratefulness 16

I’m grateful I’m not marrying into the Royal Family. Mostly. I am assured that being a daughter of The King is way better anyway, although the super fab wedding and hoopla here on Earth would be nice.

I’m grateful for babywearing, even if he STILL wakes up whenever I sit down.

I’m grateful for crock pots, dishwashers and clean running well water.

I’m grateful for the Internet, truly.

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Gratefulness 14

Grateful for my church.

Grateful they have a family room in which I can still watch the service and to which I can escape every single service for the past 11 weeks when Denton starts to cry.

Grateful for our Sunday tradition of Early Bird Specials for brunch– farm fresh eggs, farm fresh bacon, and homemade oatmeal pancakes.

Grateful my mom wants to love on my by serving me food and cleaning up after!

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