wow. it really is all about me. :-)

What a productive day I had yesterday!

I started a new diet.
I prayed with some wonderful friends.
I made lunch for the kiddlets.
I had a little nap.
I read to the girls about some interesting bugs.
I helped the kids make a spider web.
We made a papier-maché bowl.
I made Zesty Burgers for Kevin’s party (a ping-pong-palooza).
I made dinner for the kids.
I got them all in bed.
I cleaned up my studio.
I updated Denton’s calendar.
I made a sling.
I was still so energized at 1 a.m. I had to get up and eat some cereal.
This morning I went to the gym.
I just got everyone (including myself) a megasnack.
Now I’m going to sit and do a little school with the girls and rock this precious baby.
Incidentally,this post’s intention is not that I’m trying to make myself look good. It’s just that I’ve struggled so with my mental health and well-being after this baby, that it is so refreshing and relieving when I feel productive and motivated.
God is good to bring me past my mental road blocks and hurdles and help me feel well. God is so good.
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Christmas traditions

The main tradition the Farm Fresh Family has is not having one. I often seem to be wandering around in the dark.

Although, maybe I am being a little too hard on myself, as we have done some things through out the years in a similar fashion.

One year, I made this advent calendar out of a cookie sheet.

The children take turns adding a number every day. It’s fun, but it totally got trumped this year by the one with chocolates behind each day’s door that Grandma got for them.

When Aviana was two, we made a graham cracker house.
When she was four we made a gingerbread house from a kit.
And those have been our only forays into the world of Christmas home building.

We make cookies every year.

And eat a lot of frosting.
We put up a tree.
Except for the years when we haven’t.
We’ve frequently visited Santa.
But we missed him this year.
We do seem to often have a Santa Baby.
In years past, we have given a lot of presents.
This year we’re giving one present to the children. Total.
We spend time with loved ones. We go to church on Christmas Eve. We read a lot of Christmas books. We sing Christmas carols accompanied by a hot guy with a guitar. We eat ham and fruit salad and Aunt Joan’s brunch and blotch and rolls and cookies and green bean casserole and drink egg nog.
I guess we do have a tradition after all. There is always food. We do always make it about family.
And we remember how God sent His Son so we can be with Him eternally.

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The boys are asleep.

The girls are at a fondue party at the neighbors’.
I made some cookies that did not turn out as well as I would have hoped, but I bet the chiddlers will still like to frost them.
There is a LOT of snow out there.
I went to the gym an hour late for the class I thought I was going to take. So I tried two others that I was woefully unprepared for, but I still had fun.
Now I’m going to try to get a book finished.
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I curled the girls’ hair today. And Cadrian’s too, as he never wants to be left out.

Peppermint mocha creamer. Coffee. Mmmmm…

Got to church early. Love that!

Our sermon this morning was just for me. God took an ordinary woman and because of her response to God, she holds an extraordinary place in history.

Scrambled eggs and blotch for lunch. Blotch is a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe from my great gram for a coffee cake.

Painted my nails all sparkly.

Hit the gym.

And the grocery. Stocked up on essentials like grapes and potatoes. Got to thinking about when these kids are teenagers… we’ll have to garden for sure then!

We started a new homegroup, and today was the Christmas party complete with white elephant gifts and a chocolate fountain and sugar cookie cutouts. I got a head massager and Kevin got a game called Partini– not very white elephant in my opinion, because we loved them.

Upon arriving home, we were greeted by a thoroughly exuberant six year old who had a permanent tooth coming in. Too bad she has yet to lose the baby one!

Now I think it’s time for a head massage.

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So what have I been doing lately?

Reading some books.
Sewing some pants.
Compulsively checking facebook to see who comments on my stuff.
Taking some pictures.
Embroidering some doll faces.
Buying a My Child doll for Brielle–only the only one I could afford is naked, so I have to learn how to make doll clothes.
Dedicating the baby to God.
Searching for matching Christmas Day outfits for the girls.
Searching for matching Christmas Day outfits for the boys. (no luck)
Having some fun!
Writing and copying the Christmas letter.
Cutting some hair.
Learning how to make a Waldorf doll.
Bossing the kids around.
Making some truffles.
Eating a lot of them.
Joining a gym.
Actually going.
Keeping people out of trouble.
Most of the time.
Putting up some Christmas trees.
And listening to Christmas music, among other things.
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I should have said

Yes, I know we just washed the window, but making your breath appear on it is so cool, and you have to touch it in order to see properly.

Even though that floor has just been mopped, it’s no big deal that you dripped pumpkin cookie dough all over; I love that you’re helping.
It’s totally ok that you lifted the mixer out of the batter. I know I’ve told you what would happen, but who doesn’t love a cookie dough rainstorm?
It’s fine that you knocked over the Christmas tree. Twice.
No, it’s not too noisy; it’s great that you’re STILL tap dancing.
I don’t mind that I JUST told you to sit on the potty and when I got distracted you disobeyed and disappeared. I’m so blessed to be changing diapers.
Go ahead and use all the blankets and pillows in the house to make the squishiest fort ever. We don’t need to keep anything “nice”.
I love that you love me so much you want to be right beside me all. the. time.
That’s how much I love you too.
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