window shopping

And for doors, and trim, lighting, sky lights, sinks, a shower, toilet, ideas for mud rooms and the family closet.

I’ve been googling like a mad woman tonight, when I should have been watching Supernatural, Season 1.

 Oh, Sam and Dean, you’ll have to wait another night for me to join you.

The boys were glued to the window most of the day watching the cement truck pour for our addition. It was rather interesting, I’ll admit. Today’s unschooling lesson: Construction 101. Our kitchen slider now opens onto  a four foot drop, but you can still get to an island of ground if you’re agile.

We’re going to start framing in next week! It will be wonderful to have a second bathroom! Then the five year old probably won’t have to go in the ‘little potty’ in an emergency.

That’s fascinating for Denton, at least. He willingly sits on the potty, but has only gone twice. Still, progress. I’ll be happy if he’s poo trained by the time the baby comes. Wet diapers are not a big deal to change, relatively.

Stuff I found:
arched interior doorway

archway between family closet and laundry room
pocket door and trim
pocket door for bathroom
only inside a cabinet

would want this inside a cabinet

delicioso asiento junto a la ventana    (delicious window seat)

window seat inside the family closet, storage under the bench

:the office
windows for the office
Pinned Image

mud room storage, I like this floor, or a herringbone brick
door from deck to laundry room?

door from laundry room to deck

As a completely unrelated aside (even more unrelated than Denton’s potty habits) (well, it’s related because of google), I also learned how to do the African khanga carry, and discovered Iowa City has a baby wearers group. Too bad I don’t live there.

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Stay-at-Home Mom Style outfit for the week jeans leggings cheap chic fashion frugal style mom on the go

Ok, I’ll admit it…

…right here in public for everyone to see.

I’m weird.

True story.

I have my clothes hanging by color in my closet and my DVDs alphabetized. But I hardly ever have a clean kitchen floor and it drives me bonkers to take the time to make tater tots in nice neat rows for a casserole.

I like to write my dates like this: 25 August 2012 which is European instead of August 25, 2012 which is American. And I am oh so very American. I also wish we were on the metric system because I can always remember there are 1000 meters in a kilometer, but never how many feet are in a mile. Plus I never say it’s however many miles anyway; I always measure distance in time. As in, “It’s about 20 minutes to the grocery store.” or “My aunt lives 8 hours away.”

I love chocolate. I’ll eat Nutella right off the spoon. I adore milk chocolate, dark chocolate, my grandma’s recipe for hot chocolate syrup, but I really, really don’t like chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream. If that is the only kind offered, I won’t even have any! Cake! or Ice Cream!

I read a lot. I am on a first name basis with all my librarians who automatically pull my holds when I walk through the door (I know! They are THAT awesome!) But I have some sort of aversion to buying books. As in, I never do. Unless they are a quarter at the library sale or part of our homeschool curriculum (shout out to Sonlight right there). As in, we checked out Everywhere Babies probably 30 times before I finally decided it was buy worthy.

One of my pet peeves is discovering everyone left their toothbrushes out on the sink after they’ve all gone to bed. It doesn’t seem to bother me to step over my own shoes for the third day in a row however.

I don’t really like tea that much. But I wish I were a tea drinker. I love the image that tea seems to personify for me: a mama sitting at a tidy table, gentle breezes blowing in through the crisp lace curtains, a canary singing softly in the corner, red geraniums on the window sill and a calico kitty purring contentedly on the lap while the children joyfully-yet quietly– play with their handmade wooden toys at her feet. In fact, I buy into this image so much I have an entire cabinet shelf dedicated to tea of all flavors. Truly.

And yet, my sick little tea fantasy never comes true. When I do make a cup, my children are still loud and squirrelly, I’m still allergic to cats and still a houseplant killer, canaries actually annoy me, I don’t even have any curtains, and the tea is found the next day half drunk and cold.

It’s true. I’m weird. I’m a walking contradiction. It’s a good thing I like me that way.

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17 weeks

So I’m about a week and a half late posting this since now I’m 18 and a half weeks pregnant, but so be it.
Life gets busy. Once again, photography by Brielle. I just love her sweet self.
Babe E is about the size of a sweet potato and making his/her presence known on a regular basis. Babe E is getting fingernails and hard bones. He or she is putting on the weight too. 
I’m sleeping better thanks to my chiro’s recommendation to take 1600 g of calcium before bed. I am almost sleeping through the night every night. Minus wickedly real dreams, like that we had our baby now! 🙁 Right now our baby only weighs about 7 ounces. So that would be bad. Very bad. I woke up sad it was that real. 
Sometimes, I forget I’m pregnant and then I’ll feel someone wiggle and jiggle and tickle inside me and I’ll smile and remember.
It’s a good feeling.

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Monday’s Daybook


Outside my window...foggy, chilly but bound to warm up–birds cheerily chirping

I am thinking...every pregnancy is different

I am thankful...for my super caring midwife

From the learning rooms...plants and green science

In the kitchen…nothing as of yet…(that sounds bad!)

I am wearing...blue long sleeved shirt and purple cupcake pants

I am creating... pins on pinterest (does that count?) Planning on starting some booties and diaper covers; it’s hard to get excited about yellow…Made a jersey knit maternity skirt for myself last week…

I am going…to pick out trim, windows, doorknobs, doors, shower, faucets and more tonight; if I’m up for it…

I am wondering…why I can’t think of anything to put here.

I am reading…Entwined for book club and Charlotte Mason and Simplicity Parenting

I am hoping…this infection I’m fighting goes away soon. very very soon.

I am looking forward to...breaking ground for our addition today!

I am hearing... chiddlers stirring

Around the house... breaking ground for our addition today!

One of my favorite things...making connections with new and old friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week: being outdoors and not eating sugar

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

I love my blue eyed boy.
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Possibly the best $5 I’ve ever spent

A couple of years ago, I came across a vintage Black and Decker Food processor much like the one pictured, at a garage sale. I thought I would be able to put it to good use so I snapped it up, even though the lady assured me she had hardly ever used it.

I know it’s from the late ’70s because I was watching a movie from that era (I SO wish I would have taken better mental notes) and noticed MY food processor in a kitchen scene!

It  has been a gem.

Yesterday I used it to make spaghetti sauce. This morning it helped me make yummy hummus-guacamole. Or perhaps it was guacamole-hummus. Then tonight it made completely lumpless deviled eggs.

I highly recommend, now that garage sale season is nearing, you be on the lookout for one too. If you have one already, what do you use it for?

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Sunday evenings

We make popcorn. We slice cheese. We slice apples. We slice sausage sometimes.

We watch a show. This particular Sunday we watched an episode of Grizzly Adams.

Rhythm in life is important for all of us, especially the littles.

We love our Sunday evenings for snuggling, relaxing, enjoying some yummy snacks and cohesively being before another week begins. It signals something, our “popcorn, cheese and apples” evenings. It’s something they can count on, a ritual, a tradition, a rhythm.

What’s a weekly or daily rhythm you enjoy?

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I love crafting blogs and tutorials. I am eternally thankful for the people who take time to make them. Because…look what I am capable of, with a little guidance!

  I used the tutorial at Ruffles and Roses.

The math only looks complicated, but if I can figure it out, you certainly can! I didn’t want to take the time to hem a circle so I made a ruffle and attached it which I think went a lot faster.

The girls loved them, especially the twirliness!

If you try it, I’d love to see–Happy Twirls to You!

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Yesterday started out a major grump fest…tears galore and Mama was not handling it well.

I was trying to hustle the kids out the door. They would not be hustled. I wanted to make our hour-ish drive to the milk farm for our co-op early so we could meet some friends at the zoo. It was supposed to be for them, but then I realized that my snippiness and their tears were not a good match and it wasn’t really about them. It was about me and what I wanted to do. They wanted to relax into their morning and I wanted them to just. get. going. I was being selfish, crabby, far too stern, and frankly, ridiculous.

Then the sun came out.

I took a deep breath. I called my friend and told her there was n o w a y we were going to be back in time to meet up with her. Then I remembered to pray. (why I can’t remember to do that before I start getting peevish I’ll never know!

We got our milk and I had a nice chat with one of my favorite farmers. We called our cousin to see if she wanted to go to the Children’s Discovery Center with us. We had a very nice time.

The change in my attitude was not the deciding factor. But it was a major one.

 Mamas, we have a lot of power over what goes on in our house.  One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies:
Toula Portokalos: Ma, Dad is so stubborn. What he says goes. “Ah, the man is the head of the house!” 
Maria Portokalos: Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.

That’s true for our families too. The end of the day ended with tears and tantrums too, but my attitude made all the difference; in how I felt about my children, how they felt about one another, how they felt about me, and how they felt about themselves, and probably, even how they felt about God. Children are so intuitive and they thrive off the adults around them, good or bad. How I act impacts them a lot.
 Am I going to be selfish and  rude to these precious, little people or am I going to handle myself in the way I’m trying to train my children to act?
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