Costco Prompted Random Thoughts.

We don’t have a Costco in our town. We drive over an hour to one, so we don’t go very often. There are seven people in our family.  I very much dislike going to the store with small children alone. So when we go, I stock up for the end of the world. It freaks my husband out a bit; buying that much food all at once. He sees the dollars on the receipt; I see that I won’t have to buy ranch dressing until 2015. 

Aviana wanted to know why, when we have at least 17 grocery stores in our town, do we have to drive over an hour to Costco? I told her it’s because I’m highly illogical. 

We also go to a nearby Amish owned bulk foods store which is incredibly cheap and has homemade and natural goodness, baking supplies and a large assortment of artificial colors and flavors. 🙂
Kevin bought dried mangos at both stores. He really likes them.
75 pounds of flour should last a while, right?
We’re going to be doing Unprocessed October again this year, so I plan to be baking a lot. 
America is a culture of excess. I could have purchased a Santa decoration for over $200.  I like Christmas as much as the next person, but This is ridiculous. Also? It’s only September
I will confess, I was tempted by the sheepskin rug for $115.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I have awesome kids. 
It was LOUD in the Suburban. There was bickering, silliness, excessive use of energy, laughter, giggling, sharing, crying, a diarrhea incident, playfulness, and annoying screaming/singing. Brielle told a story to the boys on the way home that entertained them for a good 15 minutes. Aviana and Brielle wanted to buy some candy with their own money and were occupied with that for nearly the entire time we were in the store. I let Brielle eat an entire quarter pound of malted milk balls (which we now call “melted moth balls”). I’m trying to relax about it. Elivette happily rode on my back in the mei tai and only nursed ONCE, briefly, all day. Denton and Cadrian were thoroughly entertained by samples. I shop in a swirl of commotion.
I didn’t buy a single NONfood item. I wanted to, I really wanted to. I’m still thinking about the four pack of wool socks for $12.99.
I bought a lot of mushrooms. Kevin wants to know who is going to eat all those mushrooms. He has forgotten the amazing that is the homemade cream of mushroom soup. 
I seem to have misplaced ten pounds of carrots.
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Gentle Parenting for the Win

One of the many books I turn to time and time again is “How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk”. One of the suggestions they make is to write notes to your children. 

The other day, Brielle wanted to make brownies SO bad, but I had a whole list of other things I needed/wanted to do during Elivette’s naptime. I compromised with her, being available to the inevitable constant interruption to my trains of thought, and let her go ahead. I felt like this was a big sacrifice for me. She assured me she would not leave the kitchen a mess. Big sister got in on the deal a bit too. The brownies got made–which, they turned out a lot like dough, so I don’t know exactly what happened there, but as we’re fans of brownie batter, we’re calling it a success, but the kitchen DID not look good. 
I even said, 45 minutes before they had to leave for Good News Club, “If the kitchen doesn’t get cleaned up, I am going to be furious!”

It was crazy. The act of writing the note diffused my frustration. I was able to let it all go as I did it. I would have normally fumed about it, and when they got home hours later, possibly been even more ticked off, lectured them, yelled, flown off the handle at something else because I was still mad about this. It HELPED SO MUCH!!
And I got this response:

She doesn’t deserve to be yelled at. 
(and there WERE brownies.) (Well, brownie batter.)
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“First Day of School”

 Aviana Joy, age 9 fourth “grade”
 Brielle Analiese, age 7, second “grade”
Cadrian Kevin, age 5, Kindergarten Readiness
Denton LeRoyce, age 3, Preschool
 Elivette Marjory, 13 months.

Want to see past first days of school? Click here. And here. I didn’t have any from last year–at least not on the blog…recovering from Elivette’s birth took all my energy, I guess.

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