40 bags in 40 days

As you know, I’ve been on a minimizing journey. I was delighted to discover a blog chock full of tips and ideas to help me on my way. She has been running a ‘program’ if you will, called “40 Bags in 40 Days”. Her blog is White House, Black Shutters (  .

You can start any time, but the goal is to get a bag of stuff out of your house every day for 40 days. You can have them be industrial sized contractor trash bags or plastic shopping bags. You can do literally one bag a day, or you can make it fit your shedule (as I am doing) and just get 40 bags out of your house.
I have loved the motivation and inspiration. I’ve done my closet, the kids’ clothing bins, random cabinets, purged (some) books and (a ton of) magazines. I haven’t yet had the courage to get rid of all the kids’ toys that are in storage. 
Yesterday I tackled my studio!

This doesn’t even begin to cover it. You can’t see the bags and bags of fabric scraps or the boxes of fabric and projects in progress I inherited from my Grandma (who died 5 years ago). It doesn’t show you all the hidden stashes of this or that abandoned project, halfway done. It doesn’t show you the boxes of out of focus and many years old photos or out of style scrapbook paper I will never use. 
I worked diligently while Netflixing Parenthood for hours yesterday, annoying Kevin in the process becasue all the child care fell to him on “Family Sunday”. 
I think the results are worth though, don’t you?

Even more impressive (for me, at least), I’m giving up coffee. So I was barely caffeinated whilst tackling this project. 

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Alphabet Baby Book

A long long time ago, when I only had three kids, I made an alphabet book using family pictures. It turned out to be pretty cool, but it wasn’t very sturdy. It’s not very nice to make a book “for the kids” that you won’t let them play with for fear they’ll wreck it. And believe me, they’ll wreck it.

Then in the blogworld, or on Pinterest, I can’t be sure, I got the idea to just edit the pictures, and put them in a cheap photo album, that just holds one 4×6 on each page. Here are some examples:

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Becoming Minimalist

I’ve been purging a lot lately.

Getting rid of the past feels good! Getting rid of the junk feels good! Getting rid of all those maternity clothes feels amazing!

I saw a post on organizing your pantry a while ago, and I finally got kind of started on that project. I don’t like investing a lot into my organization though. Spending tons of money on baskets and glass jars for my pantry just doesn’t ring true to my miser’s heart. I’ve been putting a lot of it in Mason jars, but often those aren’t big enough so it’s still not really helping.

Then I saw a Pinterest post (probably) on making your own “baskets” out of cardboard boxes and rope. Brilliant.

So for the price of several glue sticks and a couple pounds of jute twine, I was able to go from this:

to this:
I just used construction paper with white colored pencil as labels. These are up high in the pantry so all you can see are the “baskets”. It really helped a lot, but I’ve got a ways to go 🙂
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Chickens again!

 Upcycled soda crates as nesting boxes.
 Upcycled corn crib
This is temporary housing we think. We are 90% sure it’s coon proof. We need to get the dog used to the chickens, so then we can let them out during the day.
 We already got an egg! It’s kind of green!

 Aviana says the chickens are going to be her responsibility entirely because she wants to earn the egg money. She plans to check on them twice a day, collect their eggs and feed and water them. I want to encourage her, but I’m skeptical on how long the enthusiasm will last.

 Most of the new flock. We’ve got mostly Speckled Sussex, Golden laced and Blue laced Wyandottes, and a couple of light Brahmas. We also have a couple of Aracaunas, which lay green eggs. The rooster is a teddy bear of a Speckled Sussex. 

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