Snow Day

Hey Roscoe, come back her and help me shovel!
I can walk pretty well in this snowmobile track
This snow is pretty deep. Can you help me climb this hill?
“Wet’s mate a snow angel!”
She’s signing “train”, but she’s talking about Dada’s snowmobile.
Watching wistfully…

Finally, got her chance! (he only takes one at time though) Brielle says, “I’ve got no time for picture taking shenanigans, let’s get this thing movin’!”
We didn’t make her do the whole sidewalk…

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Mmmm… Fall

Lunch today
Soup I semi-invented with browned ground beef, home grown canned green beans (I didn’t grow them though, nor can them–thank you Farmer’s Market, thank you Dad), tomatoes, whole wheat macaroni, chicken broth, carrots and potatoes served up in a baked pumpkin bowl. Perfect for a chilly gray October day like today.

The scene from our front door A no longer needed picnic table, a combine head, a downed corn reel, our weedy raspberry bushes and rhubarb patch, grain wagons, an auger transferring golden corn from the bins to the temporary storage rings Kevin just got finished building yesterday, backed by standing corn.

I love living the Farm Fresh life.

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