Monday’s Daybook

Outside my window...foggy, chilly but bound to warm up–birds cheerily chirping

I am thinking...every pregnancy is different

I am thankful...for my super caring midwife

From the learning rooms...plants and green science

In the kitchen…nothing as of yet…(that sounds bad!)

I am long sleeved shirt and purple cupcake pants

I am creating... pins on pinterest (does that count?) Planning on starting some booties and diaper covers; it’s hard to get excited about yellow…Made a jersey knit maternity skirt for myself last week…

I am going…to pick out trim, windows, doorknobs, doors, shower, faucets and more tonight; if I’m up for it…

I am wondering…why I can’t think of anything to put here.

I am reading…Entwined for book club and Charlotte Mason and Simplicity Parenting

I am hoping…this infection I’m fighting goes away soon. very very soon.

I am looking forward to...breaking ground for our addition today!

I am hearing... chiddlers stirring

Around the house... breaking ground for our addition today!

One of my favorite things...making connections with new and old friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week: being outdoors and not eating sugar

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

I love my blue eyed boy.
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Mama’s Daybook

Outside my window…frosty

I am thinking…I should really be in bed

I am thankful…to spend time with my brother and new sister

From the learning rooms…elving and Advent

In the kitchen…Chicken tortilla soup was a big hit tonight. Not a smackeral left

I am wearing…a bright striped sweater jeans striped socks and Ugg knockoffs.

I am creating…Christmas gifts–also knitted an elf hat for Denton with a CABLE–too bad it ended up being too big for KEVIN! (and I did an accurate gauge swatch, so I have no idea what happened)also got a spinning lesson Saturday!

I am going…to my mom’s again tomorrow

I am wondering…if I’ll be able to get my hair highlighted this week

I am reading…the fourth Harry Potter book–I’m reading the books then watching the movies after each one. Fun times.

I am hoping…this week continues to be wonderful

I am looking forward to…more “Telestration” and laughter tomorrow

I am hearing…Kevin shuffling papers

Around the house…keeping up with the clutter

One of my favorite things…watching my children grow–how Aviana wants to be with grown-ups so badly and truly can hold her own

A few plans for the rest of the week: being in the arms of my family

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

A repurposed sweater 🙂
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Mama’s Daybook

Outside my window…cloudy, 50’s; so far, it doesn’t feel like November

I am thinking…those Best Buy deals might be worth the craziness this year!

I am thankful…I get to see my husband every evening

From the learning rooms…making a puppet theater

In the kitchen…I have a menu made! (*insert applause here*) Tonight we’re having BBQ Pork Sandwiches with leftover pork roast

I am wearing…pink knee socks, my favorite long and lean jeans, a long sleeved purple shirt & purple 3/4 length sleeve purple sweater cardi with one big button

I am creating…some knits…

I am going…We went to presentation day today

I am wondering…if I’ll be able to get my hair highlighted this week

I am reading…finished Patriots (a how to survive the end of the world book in the guise of a novel. The writing is extremely detailed but intriguing) and am in the middle of Playful Learning (bought it–that says a lot!) and The Bourne Dominion. (I enjoy the action and trying to figure out what is going on and going to happen, but think this will be my only Bourne book)

I am hoping…we get to make some new friends when we go to “Doughnuts and Chat” at the local retirement center on Saturday.

I am looking forward to…Thanksgiving!

I am hearing…Children giggling, quietly

Around the house…keeping up with the clutter

One of my favorite things…Baby bummies

A few plans for the rest of the week: We will be going to my cousin’s for Thanksgiving. We also are going to the gym (three times hopefully!) and to set up a room at church this week.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

Sir Cutie Patootie
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14 November Daybook

Outside my window…warm, windy, cloudy rainy–although I can’t really see out right now as I’m in an interior “business center” in a hotel far from home!

I am thinking…it’s stinkin’ hot in here!

I am thankful…for my dear friend’s healthy pregnancy! Praise God. (Just typing that made me tear up again.)

BoldFrom the learning rooms…
Thanksgiving : one of our current favorites– Thank you, Sarah: The Woman who Saved Thanksgiving

In the kitchen…breakfast buffet prepared by someone else. At home I have a menu waiting and all the ingredients ready to go, so am excited about not throwing together last minute meals this week!
I am wearing… yoga pants, a longsleeved tee, a sheen of sweat and sparkly nail polish

I am creating…toddler pants and girl legwarmers from old sweaters

I am going…back to reality today–after a girls’ weekend of relaxation, lots of coffee and talk and a movie marathon

I am wondering…how Denton did without nursing for 50 hours (as of now, it’ll be longer when I get home)

I am reading…Crazy Love –well, at least I’ve been carrying it around with me for several days with the intention of starting it. I’m also re-reading the Harry Potter books and then watching the movie after each one. Fun for me!
I am hoping…my kids readjust to me being home with no fits or tears

I am looking forward to…snuggles and kisses and warm bodies on my lap

I am hearing…this squeaky (‘puter) mouse

Around the house…more organizing, purging, maybe getting the carpets cleaned

One of my favorite things…a small person running to me with his or her arms outstretched

A few plans for the rest of the week: several stay at home days…

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…(I’ll try to remember to post this when I get home)

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Outside my window…Sunny, cool–gorgeous October seeing itself out…
I am thinking…store bought milk is gross
I am thankful…for my milk co-op so I only have to go to the farm where we buy milk every couple of months
From the learning rooms...memorizing the countries in Europe. Because she wants to.
In the kitchen…homemade bread…also thankful for a bread machine.
I am wearing… argyle socks, jeans, purple shirt w/ a purple sweater cardi
I am creating…knitted gauntlets
I am going…to get back into the habit of making menus. This fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants thing is driving me batty.
I am wondering…if I’m hearing God right, why isn’t my husband in agreement?
I am readingHow Children Fail **** (four out of five stars)
I am hoping…to resolve some mental confusion
I am looking forward to…Daylight Savings Time being over (and wishing it would never change–just one more way the government is exerting control in our lives IMHO)
I am hearing…Cadrian talking to himself as he plays with his trains.
Around the house…laundry–the usual…
One of my favorite things…Denton backing up into my lap with a book he wants to read together
A few plans for the rest of the week: we went to the milk farm today, Bible study Wednesday, playdate Thursday. Yes, playdates are more for me than the children.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

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Daybook –8 March

Outside my window….It was foggy and chilly but I did see people in short today! Crazy people.
I am thinking about all I have to do this week!
I am thankful for a supportive family!
From the learning rooms: Frontier Nurses and Trolley Car Family
From the kitchen–Southwest Chicken in the crockpot, early bird specials and that’s as far as I’ve gotten–also in the kitchen we’re getting rid of the useless and inevitably messy desk area and putting in floor to ceiling cabinets.
I am wearing jeans and three shirts.
I am creating Easter dresses for my girls–except I’m stymied because somehow I’ve misplaced a cut of material I need!
I am going to my sister’s, MOPS, the dentist, Chuck E Cheese, the library… but not all on the same day
I am reading back issues of Mothering magazine
I am hoping I get my verve back. And how.
I am hearing ambient house noises
Around the house shoveling against the avalanche and seriously considering whittling down everyone’s clothes to seven outfits a piece and seven toys each…
One of my favorite things parties…planning and being a guest
A few plans for the rest of the week: Besides the above mentioned places I’m going…snuggling, baking, reading…
Here is picture for thought I am sharing

My very silly boy

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DayBook 2-22

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Outside my window… It was a gorgeous snowy day today

I am thinking… I am really glad I don’t have to be dating. The Bachelor is really getting to me…

I am thankful for… my parents

I am wearing… maternity jeans and an oatmeal maternity shirt. Sigh.

I am remembering… my grandma, Oh how I miss her.

I am going… to MOPS, a drop-in dance class for the girls

I am reading… back issues of Mother Earth News

I am hoping… to make it through the next three days without my honey here

On my mind… wondering how big I’m going to be getting…I’ve already “blossomed” considerably

From the learning rooms… reading is coming along wonderfully!

Noticing that… Cadrian is becoming less a baby every day.

Pondering these words… The things that matter the most in this world, they can never be held in our hand. ~Gloria Gaither

From the kitchen…Easy Peasy Pie (whatever almost makes itself)

Around the house… upkeep and putting away my regular size clothes and breaking out the maternity clothes

One of my favorite things…coffee ice cream and my grandma’s homemade chocolate sauce

From my picture journal…

Playing Baby Jesus–Cadrian Playing Mary–Aviana Playing the Angel holding a TinkerToy star of wonder–Brielle

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Daybook –1 February

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Outside my window… dark, snowing

I am thinking… I really should be getting to bed, I actually have to leave the house early tomorrow.

I am thankful for… sleep

I am wearing… natty grey pajama/lounge pants and a red college sweatshirt. Stylin’ I know.

I am remembering… Mama, what’s “rent”?
It’s when you pay money to use something, and then when you’re done with it, you give it back.
You pay money and they you give it back? That’s crazy!

I am going… to babysit at my old MOPS group, to MOMS group

I am reading… Angels and Demons and The ABC Herbal (they’re big on enemas, who knew what I’d been missing?!)–also, truly written in layman’s terms, easy to follow.

I am hoping… we don’t have storm Wednesday, like we have had before MOMS group all the meetings in January!

On my mind… my friends I’m finding out I get to be pregnant with–so excited to share the journey with loved ones!

From the learning rooms… Dr. Dolittle, missionaries

Noticing that… The better I sleep, the nicer I am

Pondering these words… We make our living by what we do. We make our life by what we give ~Danny Glover

From the kitchen…homemade bagels. Excellent. Time consuming. Not sure they’re truly worth it.

Around the house… Started a chore for Aviana: if she vacuums every day after supper, she gets a dollar.

One of my favorite things…reading.

From my picture journal…

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Daybook –18 January

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Outside my window… white–it was so foggy today I couldn’t see the road from my house

I am thinking… what do I really want to do with the evening stretching out before me that’s all my own?

I am thankful for… spaghetti sauce in a can, frozen vegetables and ready to cook noodles

I am wearing… The same jeans I’ve been wearing for a week since they are the only ones that seem to fit and my oversized college sweatshirt

I am remembering… “Mama, I want to pack up my marbles and The Little Engine that Could to send to Haiti, for the children who don’t have any toys.”

I am going… on a playdate, to MOMS group,

I am reading… finished the books from last week for the most part–also read Those Who Save Us (It is a tale of a mother and a daughter, of the mother’s struggles as an Ayran woman during Nazi Germany. It was intriguing and enlightening, truly a gripping story, one that really makes you think, but in the end too graphically sexual to recommend. Some might say it’s real, raw and was really the horrors of what it was like then. I took the recommendation of a trusted librarian–but I regret I did as I still have the haunting images in my head.)

I am hoping… to get caught up on my sleep. I. Am. Exhausted.

On my mind… That book! I wonder what I would do to save my child.

From the learning rooms… Dr. Dolittle, immigrants, pioneers

Noticing that… I really need to epilady. My legs are starting to look like Mo’Nique’s.

Pondering these words… Do we live in a nation where men are judged by the content of their character?

From the kitchen… probably 1/2 a cake for Aviana’s 5 1/2 birthday on Thursday.

Around the house… I still have a Christmas tree to take down

One of my favorite things… when the house is quiet and no one is talking to me

From my picture journal…

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Daybook 11 jan

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Outside my window… white–the sky is white, the ground is white, the trees are white. A few have shed their snow coats to break up the monotony

I am thinking… of everything I need to get done that I really don’t want to do–mop, pick up, clear off the dining room table. I’m pretty much “done” for the day and it’s only 3 o’clock. *dramatically wipes sweat from her brow*

I am thankful for… seeing so much of my husband

I am wearing… Gap jeans, purple leather slippers, red l/s tee with black wrap around sweater

I am remembering… how I need to write down all the funny things I hear each day

I am going… to Bible study

I am reading… finished World War Z, reading Food Inc, The Incorruptibles, Organic Body Care Recipes, Knitting for Baby and Fast Food Nation

I am hoping… this living room will clean itself

On my mind… how busy everything seems to be and how tired I am even though I feel like I’m not doing much of anything at all

From the learning rooms… Bible

Noticing that… God is helping me how my kids best feel loved

Pondering these words… Success is a series of daily little efforts.

From the kitchen… chicken divine–something for “taco Tuesday” tomorrow, beef on Wed, slow cooker on Thursday, pizza on Friday–Flylady is helping me narrow down my ‘menu’

Around the house… getting our upstairs updated!

One of my favorite things… relaxing

From my picture journal…

At the Farmer’s Market on Saturday; we bought honey, cheese curds, and homemade shampoo/body gel and shea butter (it was easier than making anything from the Organic Body Care Recipes book–inexpensive too)

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